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Once again,  a pool confrontation has resulted in a young Black woman getting manhandled by police officers. This time, the location is Fairfield, Connecticut where a family visiting from Ohio was attempting to enjoy the sunshine at the Fairfield Aquatic Center. According to reports, the family was asked to leave when one teen didn’t have proper swim trunks. After Krystal Dixon, 33, the adult who accompanied them, returned with the required trunks, she was told the teen still would not be able to get in.

From here, an altercation apparently ensued.

The New York Daily News reports:

As police officers arrived, Dixon tried to get the others out of the pool, passing by one officer who ordering her to leave, Hamilton said. Some time after that, police tried to detain some of the adolescents, as seen in intense video shot by a bystander. It’s unclear exactly how the confrontation escalated.

The video appears to show a group of white officers restraining several black youths, including one girl who is grabbed by the neck and pushed against a police car. She was later identified as Dixon’s niece.

Several officers work to pull another girl off a gate she is grasping onto, while repeatedly telling her to stop resisting arrest. Police confirmed that they used pepper spray during the arrests and one officer is heard instructing a handcuffed female how to blink the spray out of her eyes near the end of the video.

The six-minute video begins with a brief argument between members of Dixon’s group and pool employees, before abruptly cutting to the police scene.

Four people were arrested at the pool. Dixon and another adult were charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, a Fairfield Police source told the Daily News. A 15-year-old boy faces those same charges, while a 12-year-old girl was charged with assault and resisting arrest, police said.

Dixon, who said she is six months pregnant, was rushed to a hospital for an evaluation after her arrest, but did not suffer any confirmed injuries. She also claimed her niece suffering a fractured jaw and broken ribs, but those injuries have not been independently confirmed, according to cops.

Every officer who responded to the scene was white, a police source confirmed to the Daily News.

Dixon and her supporters insist there was a racial motivation to the officers’ actions.

“I could surmise or opine on why (pool employees) wanted them out,” Dixon’s attorney Clyde Bennett told the Daily Beast.

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25 thoughts on “Pool Dispute In Connecticut Poses Questions On Police Response [WATCH]

  1. Mrknowitall on said:

    European Americans are taught, if you mess with the bull you get the horn. Cooperate!

    Also, when I was a boy in the community pool, we weren’t allowed to wear Tshirts in the water. I was flagged by the life gard for wearing a Tshirt. I was so sunburnt they gave me a pity pass. I still don’t know why we weren’t allowed to wear a Tshirt in the water, and we never thought to ask.

  2. Tammy on said:

    I see wrong on all sides. When those cops told those kids to sit down, those kids should have done so; and that cop should have handle it better which stem from how the kids were disobey. Even for those boys to be running up to a cop REGARDLESS as to why when a moment was heated like that, those boys were wrong.

  3. You break the rules, you take the consequences. If the teens had left when they were instructed to, the police would never had been called. Why is it that teens, have to cause confrontations. If the teen, without the bathing suit, had left and waited outside for his aunt to bring his suit to him, nothing unusual would have occurred. By refusing, he involved his whole family who, in turn, involved the police. You tell me, who is at fault? I’m almost tempted to say that these situation are instigated with the intent to start trouble.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    I’ll just be glad when people stop defending bad behavior from all sides. No respect for adults or authority, we need to do better.

  5. Tanya on said:

    First of all the story is incorrect. This happened in Fairfield, OH and they did nothing wrong. It amazes me all the black people who proudly display their slave mentality by saying things like ” they bought this on themselves” and “they should just cooperate”. That is absurd the police should be trained to “serve and protect” not terrorize and abuse innocent children. Wake up people!

    • missjanequeen on said:

      Yes! Yes! Yes!! I totally agree with you. You took the words right out of my mouth. You are not obligated to blindly obey a police officer. Everyone has the right to free speech. The police have been put on a pedestal and it’s time they realize they cannot terrorize, harm and kill the people who pay their salaries without any consequences. Their arrogance infuriates me. Some police officers don’t seem to care if their actions are being videotaped because they know the courts will say they were just doing their job. It’s time for every citizen to demand that the “Qualified Immunity Clause” be repealed. Without it, the police would think twice about misbehaving. They would also start being held accountable. LET’S DO IT!!!

  6. The Truth on said:

    I am getting so-o-o-o sick of this shiggidy. Why can’t black people just respect the law and keep your mouth’s shut. We bring this kind of mess on ourselves by opening our mouths instead of obeying the officers request. Whenever i”m stopped by athe police for speeding do you think I talk trash to the officer? Hell no!! I respond with yes sir, no sir. I’m no fool. I don’t want a ticket, and I don’t want to loose my life over some dumb sh_ _. Stop it people. How does the saying going “when you keep doing the same thing over and over it’s called insanity” Stop it learn the word RESPECT. Plain and just that simple.

    • Tammy on said:

      I agree. And if you following the law and the cops do wrong, there is a better chance the situation will not get out of hand. I say that is better to follow a cops rules, wait for the right moment to get to where you need to be and report the cop than to try to go up against a cop and make the situation worst and risk dying. I prefer to fight for being right being alive than someone else fighting for my rights and I am dead (and justice may not happen because I disobey and help made the situation worst and now the jury is on the cop side). I look at the guy in Carolina who was done and he followed the law. He is ALIVE and he got PAID and the cop was found to be at fault.

    • missjanequeen on said:

      You get respect when you give respect!!! They are not suppose to use their guns to force you to comply, especially if you’re not being violent. You have every right to question what an officer is doing or is asking you to do. It works both ways. The police can’t start s%#t and expect the other person to calmly take your bu%&*#$%t. They always automatically take the side of the non-black people. I am so sick of them!!

  7. Reflections on said:

    The police would not dream of treating white kids this way. It is appalling.
    America’s big race lie: How big banks and racist policies helped shape segregation, police brutality
    White cops will still kill black teens until we have a radical change in everyone’s neighborhood
    WEDNESDAY, JUN 17, 2015 05:57 AM EDT

  8. Linda on said:

    RESPECT is something that must be earned-not a given.

    When PIGS begin to first see people of color as HUMANS and treat us as such, maybe then we will respect them.

    These were children trying to simply enjoy a summer swim in the PUBLIC pool. They did not have to be manhandled/shackeled like they had committed a CRIME!

    The only crime now is simply being Black in Amerykah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mrknowitall on said:

      The pigs here are the out of control racise black teens. Would the teens acted so out of control of the police were black?

  9. blackspeak on said:

    There is clearly a breakdown in respect for authority figures… We have generations of young people growing up in homes where they do not respect the authority of their parents and/or guardians, thus they do not respect the authority of the police, school officials, the elderly, or anyone in position of authority… Too many kids are growing up seeing their parents as equals, not as authority figures.. This is why we are seeing this aggressive behavior towards the cops…

  10. specialt757 on said:

    Ok let me clear, I don’t condone these people’s behavior at the pool, when asked to leave, damn it, leave, fight your battle with management or owners city/state whatever, don’t make it worse. But the police in this country have bought this on themselves. Not too many people are showing them respect because of the past brutality against people of color. Stop supporting bad police practices (the blue wall) and start convicting their criminal acts, this will go a long way with the public. This might then, get them respect they deserve. All police are not bad, just a few bad apples.

  11. Linda on said:

    History seems to be repeating itself once again.

    Back in the day there were SEGREGATED swimming pools because ignorant white folks did not wish to swim along with people of color because they believed we were germ/disease carriers.

    What is their excuse in 2015???????????????????????????????????

    • blackspeak on said:

      It is what its always been…racism… it will never go away until the social material system of white supremacy is replaced with a system of justice…

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