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“In what was once considered the disfavored music of his childhood, KB has discovered redemption.”

At birth, the doctor didn’t think KB would ever be able to talk or even speak clearly. Now look! KB was able to overcome this ailment, but hip-hop was frowned upon in his household, forcing the youngster to seek a safer instrument for musical expression.  He  has taken his skill higher on his sophomore album ‘Tomorrow We Live’. The lead track Sideways featuring Lecrae challenges the listener to be a better person.

KB has released his second album entitled ‘Tomorrow We Live’. He calls its theme a “mantra of the struggle.” And since no one is exempt from the struggles of life, he hopes it’s a soundtrack of inspiration. It’s this idea that one day the struggle will end and tomorrow we live.

On a grand scale that’s along the belief that God is going to wrap up history with a grand finale that will make sense of all the suffering throughout human history and it will show that good overcomes evil where we’ll be in perfection throughout eternity. “The title works thematically in a practical sense. Nothing is devastating. Hope is bigger,” KB excitedly shares.

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KB’s Sideways Feat. Lecrae Inspires People To Go On [NEW MUSIC VIDEO] was originally published on elev8.com

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