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Gloria Govan, estranged wife of Matt Barnes, recently expressed her displeasure about him being fined $50,000 for making disrespectful comments to James Harden’s mother, Monja Willis, a few weeks ago.

Barnes was accused of telling Willis, “Suck my d—k b—h” during Game 2 of the Rockets vs. Clippers playoff series. Barnes assumed he was “probably going to get fined $25,000,” but the league doubled that estimate to $50,000 to hold him accountable for “directing inappropriate language at a fan.”

Barnes said he spoke with Willis about the disparaging comments, which were never confirmed.

“We’ve made our peace,” Barnes said. “We’ve spoken twice since the incident. She said something, I said something back. I’ve heard speculation of what I’ve likely said, which is crazy.”

TMZ recently caught up with Govan and asked if Barnes’ fines affect her:

“Hell yeah, his fines affect me. His fines affect me, his kids, the whole nine. Anytime he gets fined, I’m always yelling at him like, ‘Dude, this is our kids’ college fund we’re talking about. Get you sh-t together man.’ I know he dreads my phone calls after the games. I rail into that man. Poor thing. After a while, he just ignores my calls.”

As for the comments Barnes allegedly made about Harden’s mom, Govan had this to say:

“I was upset. I was like, ‘How dare you talk to a woman like that. That’s not even cool, man.’ Then he kind of explained and broke down the whole story and she even admitted that she started it. I was like, ‘Alright, but still, kind of not cool. That is someone’s mom.’”

The former “Basketball Wives LA” star recently updated fans on their split, telling Vlad-TV:

“Matt and I were together for eight years. And I think the course of our relationship is just due to evolution. We’re always gonna be good friends. Obviously we have kids together. I don’t contribute anything to our divorce at all. It’s just kinda life.”

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