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Actress Raven Goodwin was kicked out of Waffle House after getting into an alteration with another customer.

Best known for her roles on Disney’s Good Luck Charlie and BET’s Being Mary Jane, Goodwin was caught on tape being restrained by the staff at the popular late-night eatery.

The New York Daily News reports:

Goodwin grew impatient when customers at a table she wanted lingered too long and she confronted one of the patrons in the bathroom.

Goodwin was reportedly called a “fat b—h” before she went off, causing employees to jump into action, break up the fight and ask both women to leave.

In the video, the Disney star is seen yelling back, “get some real money,” while being held back.

Did she have the right to go off?

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(Photo/Video Source: TMZ, Instagram)

15 thoughts on “‘Being Mary Jane’ Star Kicked Out Of Waffle House For Fighting [VIDEO]

  1. onieliad on said:

    Why is that black people always have to talk about money, as if that makes them any better. Right now she is no better than some chick from Brookly, or the Bronx fighting in a Mcdonalds. She wants to talk about real money. It doesn’t matter! A hood rat is a hood rat. Money or nah.

  2. Toni on said:

    No 1 that fat should call attention 2 herself by fighting in a waffle house if they have some fame or none at all!

  3. I had no idea what Tom, Sybil and J were talking about but I was cracking up.
    Yes, us overweight girls can laugh at fat jokes because it WAS funny! :-))

  4. BrightShade on said:

    Shame on her for not having enough self restraint and sense to avoid this situation. I will never understand how people who have a lot going for them end up letting words, looks and b.s. put them in a position of losing it all. If the Mary Jane people are anything like Shonda Rhimes then she may be looking for a new job and in need of some real money herself. Two adult women arguing at a Waffle joint, smh.

  5. @RENO2AC… why are you trying to hide the fact that she’s fat. That’s who she is. If it’s so bad, or we shouldn’t say it…. or if it bothers you or her for others to state she’s fat, then loose weight.. Period…

  6. Georgia Symon on said:

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  7. This is too funny! When you go to the “Waffle House” your are expected to wait. They have extra chairs at the door for this reason. LMAO! Some patrons stay for hours when they finally get a seat. You are at the “Waffle House”!

    • RENO2AC on said:

      No, how about a young lady, who is on a hit show, fighting at the Waffle House is not a good look. Now, that’s better.

      • lifeisgood on said:

        Even better how about a young lady with “real money”on a hit show having a reservation at a real resturant, and not fighting over a table at Waffle House. Not a good look just saying

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