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Dang, is the fling between Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and pop star/princess Ciara already a done deal?

Could be.

A source revealed to E! News that “things have gone a little rocky” between the pair. As a result, they are taking a little break in their relationship. “They haven’t broken up yet,” the source explained. “But things are not looking good.”

Like they say, that was quick. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that these two seemed to be all into each other. At the end of April, they enjoyed a romantic outing at President Barack Obama’s Japanese state dinner. In fact, just one day before the A-list gathering, Ciara teased fans that the football stadium may become her next date location once the new season kicks off.

“Seahawks rock, absolutely,” she shared with E! News when asked if she loves her man’s team. “Absolutely. I think [the fans are] pretty much the best.”

Well that was then. So what happened to the love? It seems their careers are pulling them apart.

“Things are a bit busy for both of them now,” the inside source shared with E! News. “But they are willing to make time and see where this may go.”

Yeah, whatever. Maybe Wendy Williams was right all along when she said the pair’s dating was nothing more than a PR stunt.

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(Photo Source: Ciara Instagram/Russell Wilson AP)

13 thoughts on “Already?! Russell Wilson & Ciara Taking a Break from Relationship

  1. Rolonda on said:

    I strongly feel she should have just taken time for herself and son and if she just wanted to get her feet wet hey gats ok too and Ciara let these fools know your not a BABY MAMA your a MOTHER there is s difference. You don’t have to explain yourself too anyone you still deserve better love the song and people will always have something negative too say even when they know nothing. Do you girl and you look good tell the haters too KICK ROCKS your a beautiful young lady

  2. For one, Ciara knows that Russell Wilson is getting ready to sign a “HUGE CONTRACT” Secondly, Russell could do a whole lot better than a “marginally talented” and “not all that good-looking” Ciara. Russell. There are a whole lot more (and better) “fish-in-the-sea”

  3. MacBen on said:

    Leave her to the thugs, Russ. She’s a baby-mama without having been a wife…you should have avoided her type anyway.

    • Church Girl on said:

      Wow! So because she had a baby with her fiancé instead of a husband, she’s not worthy of a presumably good guy? That’s crazy!!

      • MacBen on said:

        A man in his position does not have to settle for a Baby-mama and all the drama that comes with that situation. He can find a woman on his level- without the baggage. I mean she had a baby out of wedlock with a bottom-tier rapper… Just sayin’!

  4. specialt757 on said:

    I don’t know why their “friend/relationship” was news worthy to begin with. Guess it’s just gossip and people seem to love this BS.

  5. Sorry to say I knew this wasn’t going to last — anytime a woman comments that the man is such a “gentlemen” it sounds like trouble to me. The way he was treating her is the way a woman is supposed to be treated by a man; she a sweet girl but too use to the bad boys with no type of Future (ha ha) and/or goals in life.

  6. Cynthia on said:

    Who said they were in a relationship? I saw a picture of them together at the White House once. Does one public outing qualify as a relationship?

  7. Oh well people jump in and out of relationships so quickly. Take time to get know someone and it doesn’t happen over night before jumping head first into relationships.

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