When it comes to birth control options, there usually isn’t a whole lot of discussion that goes on between women and their doctors and it’s unfortunate because a lot of women do have legitimate questions and concerns regarding the safety of contraceptives but never ask their doctors. Don’t be one of those women! Here are five questions you should definitely ask your doctor before going on the Pill or any other form of contraception.

1. “What are the side effects of birth control?”

We’ve all heard of those crazy, horrific stories about women who were on the Pill, the patch or the ring. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, decreased libido, mood swings, breast tenderness, and blood clots are all possible side effects of birth control, but it’s important to remember that the results will be different for everyone.

“Most women tolerate birth control without any significant side effects,” says Dr. Bola Oyeyipo, a family physician in San Antonio, Texas and co-founder of  “When present, side effects are usually mild, but the severity could vary from person to person.”

2. “If I’m not sexually active, should I still take birth control?”

The truth of the matter is that anything can happen at any given moment. What if you break up with your partner and then reunite the following month? What if, God forbid, you were to be sexually assaulted? At the very least, you would have the comfort of knowing you will not become pregnant. It doesn’t hurt to be safe.

“The Pill takes a full menstrual cycle of consistent use to prevent the ovulation process so to confidently prevent an unwanted pregnancy, it’s best to stay on the pill, even if you’re not currently sexually active as your situation may change – and quickly might I add,” advises Dr. Oyeyipo.

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