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As it stands right now, NeNe Leakes’ return to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” after this current season is a question mark.

But that didn’t stop her from honestly telling “Extra,” “I don’t know if I’ll return or not, I don’t know.”

Nevertheless, re-up with “RHOA” all comes down to whether of fellow cast mates are coming back or not, according to Leakes.

“I will return, however, if some of the other girls leave the show, because the show’s called the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ There’re a lot of women on the show this season who are single, they’re not moms, they’re not married, not dating,” she told AJ Calloway.

“I’d love to see a single woman on the show that’s dating, think that’s great, and fun to have that girl that’s looking for love, but we have too many girls that are looking for money instead of love, so I like to find a girl that’s looking for love, really wants to find a husband. I feel like we have a bunch of gold diggers on the show, so it’d be great if we found somebody really looking for love.”

Leakes’ comments come as the three-part “RHOA” reunion is set to air on Sunday (May 10) on Bravo. As she reflects on the past season, Leakes admits she didn’t feel a lot of love from the other housewives. Instead, she said she “felt attacked.”

“All season I felt like a lot of the girls were coming for me, but I’m not surprised by that.,” Leakes shared. “I’ve been there since day one, lot of girls are gonna come for me, I’m a threat and it’s to be expected, I’m a strong woman, I can handle it, don’t necessarily like it, but can handle it.”

Although her time on “RHOA” has been filled with drama, Leakes is more focused on the new reality show she has with former “Housewife” and on-again BFF Kim Zolciak, “NeNe and Kim: The Road to Riches.”

“We’ll start shooting this summer, gonna do fish outta water experiences, traveling around the world,” said Leakes said about the upcoming Bravo series. “It’s gonna be super fun, probably a little drama here and there.”

“NeNe and Kim” is one of many ventures Leakes has going on outside of Bravo. And with talk of her being a possible co-host for E!’s “Fashion Police” when the show returns in the fall, could we be seeing more on the reality show fixture’s plate.

“I think ‘Fashion Police’ is great, I co-hosted many times when Joan was alive. I sat there, enjoyed the show, so I don’t know,” she told Calloway.

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89 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes Says She’ll Return to ‘RHOA’ if Other Co-Stars Don’t

  1. Stay where you are Nene and to hell with the haters, if you don’t like the show, watch something else, K- 9 Moore and Claudia needs to GO!!!!!!

  2. Nene I think this year you have really been a mean person it is like whoever don’t agree with you , you bash them and you are so negative , you are a bully and want to be the center of attention . I hope and pray if you leave that you do good in anything you do , I just think you have a lot of anger issues that need to be addressed . Anger will destroy you , trust me I know I had to let a lot of stuff go and just say it is what it is . good luck .

  3. The control freak is now telling the producers that she believes the show wont be successful without her ……that’s been her beef from the moment Kenya stepped in the picture ….Ms Leakes has had a cow and done everything she can to push other women off the show……I think its time the producers get rid of this idiot and let her know that no one is indispensable and its time she got her walking papers…….she is a nuisance a bully and a real embarrassment to women of color……
    bye Felicia !

  4. I would be so happy to see Nene leave, good riddance. Tranny, narcissist. really believes her leaving would matter to anyone – wrong! Let her go back to obscurity. Perhaps she can go back to stripping!!
    She has no talent, she is crass and only knows how to talk over others by shouting and calling whomever she is not agreeing with “Bitch”. If there’s a petition to get rid of Nene, I’ll sign!

  5. Kathy Lulay on said:

    I’m tired of NeNe she can’t act or anything else. She’s a Bully and when people try to talk they’re picking on her.

  6. Linda on said:

    I agree. There needs to be more housewives nit a bunch of jealous haters. The single woman need to go! Bye Felicia.

  7. debbie on said:

    I so agree. NeNe used to be my favorite, I would rave about her all the next day at work, but now I really feel sorry for all the other ladies on the show. I feel NeNe has changed for the worse. She is rude , mean and needs to get off that high and mighty horse. Everyone has tried to be her friend and make nice but she makes it her mission to be NASTY!!! Time for you to go girl!!! Move on to all the other things that you have waiting for you since you are in such demand!!! See ya 🙂

  8. LaJaunia Ingram on said:

    Hey Nene I live out here in California you have a huge fan base here. It will not sit well if you leave the show. I will not watch it no more it will be boring. People need to know that you started Housewives the network approached you. They have backstabbed you. It is not fair, you should not have to do this. Check this out it has open up doors for the other girls, Look How many talk shows they have been on. Please do not Leave NENE I will miss you.

  9. well the show is called housewives of alanta but only 4 of them are married on the show.,., and 4 are not married so they should remove the 4 thats not married and find some married couples 2 make the show better .because when kenya came 2 the show all of the drama started and claudia is not any better she starts drama 2. all of the drama does not come nene all of the times

  10. LISA on said:

    Everyone is on Nene, but what about Kenya always saying crazy stuff and Phadera and Claudia always after Porsha and Nene. Kenya wants to be Phadera and she would slept with Apollo who is the felon that she flirted with over and over again. Claudia all on the job trying to cause problems for Porsha. They don’t have to be friends just because they work on the show (at different times). And who is Claudia to think that she can check people on something should have let go. I don’t have to answer your questions, but b**ch don’t follow me, cause it can get real. REAL TALK!!

  11. Need to get whole new cast of strong. black beautiful women instead of these catty, mean, selfish women that make all women look BAD. Especially Nene, she is ridiculous and bad example for all women.

  12. Sandra on said:

    NeNe states she’s a strong Woman and her statement kill me. Well, if she’s trying to lead by example, I can say she is totally all wrong and sadly mistaken. A strong Woman does not have to carry herself as a bully to get her point across. She doesn’t have to belittle and disrespect others. A strong Woman carry herself with dignity, respect and humbleness. NeNe please check yourself, before you wreck yourself. Your few millions will not carry you far, when you do not have the right attitude or behavior . Hollywood will replace you by the drop of a hat. People are trier of you looking and like a fool. Especially Black Women. No good representation. So, NeNe find out what a strong woman is.

    • While I do agree with some of the comments but I think the 1 wh should go is KENYA…she’s up everyone’s ass. I mute her & Cynthia out completely.

  13. K Minkler on said:

    GO AWAY NENE! Please take your self proclaimed fame and accomplishments with you and move on. You have become an egotistical “mean girl” and seem to be the center of negativity on the show. Good luck with your future endeavors AWAY from Bravo and God bless.

  14. lena on said:

    there she goes with her idle threats. just because someone challenges her they have to go. let her go the show will flow because there are many nene’s in the making. call her bluff bravo and let her see that it’s rough… without that show who would have known who nene is. however I do agree there needs to real housewives on the show and less house ho’s.

  15. Glenda on said:

    Nene is nothing but a cry baby, she’s a dumb stupid bitch.. She can cause all of shit and says I didn’t say that. Wish someone on the shower would KO her.

  16. This woman has lost her damn mind. She went from likable to a total douchbag. Very disappointed that cash and her 15 minutes completely changed her.

  17. Adrienne on said:

    I agree w/ the comments about NeNe. She has marked her territory now it’s time to move on. Her attitude is wack and when things don’t go her way she runs out of the picture. The RHOA needs to find wives; from the beginning many of the wives on this show and other Bravo program were already divorced. Look at Basketball wives, no ones married there either. Bravo need to hire women according g to the shows title.

  18. I find it hilarious that her coming back to RHOA is something viewers would enjoy. Her attitude and behavior over the last couple of seasons make her disappearance a welcomed thought. The only storyline she has left is to be a complete B-1-T-C-H to everyone she knows and anyone in her path. In her own words- “Girl, bye” Boop!!

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