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Calling rioters in Baltimore “thugs” is coming back to bit the city’s mayor, who took to Twitter to make amends for her poor choice of words.

“I wanted to clarify my comments on ‘thugs.’ When you speak out of frustration and anger, one can say things in a way that you don’t mean,” Stephanie Rawlings-Blake tweeted Wednesday afternoon (April 29) in response to criticism from those who felt her use of the word “thug” was simply a way to replace the n-word.

The mayor’s apology stemmed from remarks she made Monday (April 26) at a press conference after the riots began in Baltimore. During the conference, Rawlings-Blake condemned the rioters, many of which were high school students.

“It is very clear that there’s a difference between what we saw last week between the peaceful protests and the thugs, who only want to incite violence and destroy our city,” she said. “I’m a life-long resident of Baltimore. Too many generations have spent their lives building up this city to have it destroyed by thugs, who, in a very senseless way, are trying to tear down what so many have fought for.”

Although Rawlings-Blake did damage control with her tweet, she found herself on the defense Wednesday as Fox News reporter Leland Vittert attempted to ask the mayor about allegations from a source that she ordered police to stand down during Monday’s civil unrest.

The Huffington Post noted the presence of the Rev. Al Sharpton, who stood in front of Rawlings-Blake as she kept silent

“Why can’t we ask questions?” Vittert asked repeatedly. “We can’t ask questions?”

Sharpton’s efforts to keep the peace with an assurance that Vittert would be able to ask his questions at an upcoming press conference, ultimately fell flat as the reporter refused to fall back.

“Then you’ll answer our questions?” Vittert continued while leaning in with his mic towards Rawlings-Blake and Sharpton, who by then had enough.

From there, the Post mentioned that the “PoliticsNation” host used his arm to push Vittert out of the way.

“Relax, relax,” Sharpton said.

To see Sharpton’s encounter with Vittert, check out the video above.

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(Photo/Video Source: Fox News)

13 thoughts on “Baltimore Mayor Clarifies ‘Thugs’ Comment (Watch)

  1. Thugs are in every race.she know what its like to come up thru the folk understood what she meant.sometimes mom would call us anythibg when she got angry.we will have to treat her thug comments the same way.sometimes thugs come in handy.

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  3. I do not understand the problem here?, what do you call a person that attacks someone else, loots, steals, burns building, throws rocks at police. You really have only one or two option, you can call him a “thug” or a “black person”, she chose the former rather than the latter.

    • Ms Curly on said:

      You took all that time to write a book but you did not look up the meaing of the word “THUG” it has no color. Whats your IQ??

  4. millie on said:

    THUG:lawless person;thug. look up the word in the dictionary then have an opinion/comment. being angry at our President Of The United States is not the move. as usual we become angry at “us” but wont register and vote these pilgrims that are allowing our black men to be murdered out of office. Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown; marches; but murder continues-get out of your feelings people. how many of those people marching/rioting in Baltimore are registered voters and how many are registered to vote but did not and will not? did you know that some of these same pilgrims called the black residents of New Orleans refugees during the Katrina massacre? hell the latinos were called: “fending for their families”-SMDH. marching in the streets has no impactful effect on stopping the murderous behavior of policemen. we MUST take legal control of our own destiny. Please stop asking for millions of dollars to buy an airplane but not community growth that will offer educational and job trainings, that will build black owned businesses in the community, child care. please stop with the multiple families in the church where you are pastoral leader but now are agreeing/allowing yourself to be used as a white flag-no impact. And please stop waiting on them to give us permission to live. PLEASE.

  5. Tammy on said:

    What people do not like about the word “thug” is when black commit crimes, everyone wants to use the word; however, when a white person commits a crime even killing 20 people in movie, whites get called “mental issues”.

  6. Ms Curly on said:

    Six offers charged, so far so good. They were acting like thugs now we have feelings? Let the ones complaining pay for all the damage that was done.

  7. jamel on said:

    I saw her press conference and was very upset when she called black teenagers thugs for protesting the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of police officers. She chose her words and used them in the won manner and I was disgusted that a black mayor would say that about black youth. You are used to that from the white media and white people but for her to say that was appalling.

    I hope going forward she has learned how to discuss our race with the white media. I am not proud of her and actions, thus far.

    But the gentleman standing next to her at the press conference, stated, he would not use the word thug to describe the youths protesting.

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