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There’s a new report from The Washington Post which states Freddie Gray intentionally tried to injure himself inside that Baltimore police van.

The Post states the story is being told by the other person in the back of the van with Gray.

According to The Post the other person could not see Gray because of a metal partition, but says he believes Gray was yelling and screaming and cutting up on purpose.

And now to my very own reporting:

Last night on my show, “CNN Tonight” a woman who is a close relative of one of the officers involved in the arrest told me the officer believes Gray had to be injured before being placed in the police van.

And once he was in the van he was not seat belted which is not in compliance with the rules.

Lemon-  “He was never seat belted?”

Woman-  “No, it’s an unwritten unspoken rule that when someone is irate you don’t reach over someone that is irate because they still have a mouth.  They don’t have a muzzle, they can bite you and they can spit in your face and you have to get in close proximity to someone to seatbelt them.”

The relative says the officer did not give Gray a rough ride, as has been reported, because the other person in the van would have been injured too.

And the other person in the van is telling The Post there was no rough ride.

She says people are jumping to conclusions about what happened including residents, protestors and Baltimore city leaders.

And as far as charges of racism, she says at least three of the officers involved in the police stop were black officers.

Lemon-  “Is the department racist?  Do you think this was racist?”

Woman-  “That’s a fair question.  Are there some bad apples? But you can have racism and be black.

Lemon-  “What are you worried about?”

Woman-  “Six officers did not injure this man.  Six officers did not put him in the hospital.  I’m worried that instead of them figuring out who did, I’m worried that six officers are going to be punished behind something that maybe one or two or even three officers may have done to Freddie Gray.  No one knows what happened to Freddie Gray except Freddie Gray and the person that injured him.”

The preliminary report is due on Friday.

But as of now, from a cop on the scene or from a witness in the van, the new narrative emerging appears to be that Freddie Gray caused his own injuries and thus his death.

How is that even possible?

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30 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Black Cops Involved In Freddie Gray Arrest – Are They Racist Too?

  1. Jzzyj1 on said:

    For the purpose of this question, yes, I’ve said all along, how do black officers tolerate and accept the ills in police departments across the U.S., for those Black Officers who make the decision to either turn their backs on unjust conduct or to partake they are all the same.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    “YOu said OUR neighborhoods, then if eveyone deals with their neighborhood and their homes and families, this will help. That is the root of the problem.” Save your energy Amber, you’re talking to people who love to point their fingers but do nothing more than lip service. In their minds, it’s everybody else’s fault. They don’t see they could do more than just move from one place to another, it only takes one person to start a movement and make a difference.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    If the black officers did nothing to prevent Mr. Gray’s death then they are as responsible as any other officer. Can blacks be prejudice against their own? Hell yeah, read the posts on BAW every day, it’s obvious. But what’s more disappointing is the self-hate they feel for themselves, and they don’t even recognize it.

  4. And Oni on said:

    Nice try Don, I believe Ice Cube addressed this some time ago when he said: ‘BLACK POLICE SHOWING OUT FOR THE WHITE COP!’

    I personally hope those black LEA’s get their sentences tripled. I expect my cat to crap on the carpet every now and then, i don’t expect my siblings to do it too.

  5. Why is Racist even the, qualifier? We have a lot of fool Tom Blacks, aside from ‘drive by’ some Blacks deservedly get shot over disrespecting another. Now, some have picked this stupid way of walking past you talking toward your face/direction while talking to someone else. Like Blacks in Seattle, WA. Whatever crap Whites do to them they do to other Blacks. Cops stick together; some are racist, some ignorant, and some sadistic. When one shots they all shot, one uses the stick the others join in, and on the cover up as well, and don’t forget the bad ones usually get a promotion. This needs to be the biggest law suit ever and if they can sue each police officer personally as well, then they may stop.

  6. mike brown on said:

    has any one noticed freddy soiled his pants during arrest as you can see in video so injury accured before van ride ,mabe when they tackeld him and step on his neck as I heard cop kneed back of his neck accessive force

  7. I have definitely heard and experienced first hand Blacks being prejudiced against their own race. They were self hating blacks. I also saw this in the Hispanic/Latino race as well,

    • We have some Latin prejudices , but it is more a regional or country based. For example, those of Mexican heritage can have a prejudice against those from Guatemala and visa versa… More than anything it is a pride of what region or state you are from. However, we do support ourselves as a whole and we work hard to build our communities.

  8. Honestly on said:

    Nubian Brothers and Sisters don’t waste time trying to reason with a cave n!@@er. These monsters, freaks and savages must be annihilated before they destroy this world. The neanderthal apes are nothing more than disease infested walking and breathing piles of excrement. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  9. Honestly on said:

    Keep licking that boot polish don lemon. You will have your neck snapped by one of these cave n!@@ers and it will be your own downfall because you trusted them. These mayonnaise monkeys should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  10. Timekeeeper on said:

    Self hate is real. Clarence Thomas is a perfect example. The character “Stephen” the loyal salve in Django Unchained is not a character or a person. He actually represents the mindset of a whole group and percentage of the population that continues to manifest itself in many different ways.

  11. Amber on said:

    Also, Rev Al spoke on the same thing you spoke on. I saw his speech to the crowd at the funeral of Michael Brown. He was NOT giving “stainthood” to criminals however we are NOT going to have two laws. YOu sound like haters at Foxnews. If a white commits the same crime as a black person with the same kind of record, why should a white person serve less time than a black person? That is still form of injustice and it should be talked about as well.

  12. wafelo jones on said:

    Don needs to be taken to task n reassigned. Dummy its systemic prejudicial police forces / govt/ etc…Don wants responses via ask dum stuff…

  13. When Black Pigs brutalize/murder a person who looks just like them it is simply-SELF HATRED!
    One can almost understand when White Pigs kill us-then it is due to their xenophobia-fear of us and

    If Pigs would stop thinking they are Gods in the streets because they have a badge/gun none of what is occuring now would be.

  14. Wait how could any of this happen? A predominantly black city predominately black city officials, all Democrats of much for that bastion of heaven when blacks rule and Republicans are extinct

    • Amber on said:

      Oh give that rest Jhuf. This city was ran by whites and it is still had not survived the riot from the 60’s when conservative whites were major and had a majority white city government so do not come with that nonsense.

      • Really Amber 50 yrs two generations ago the city still can’t recover? over 60% black again run by blacks elected by blacks your excuse proves my point

  15. Guest1 on said:

    I can’t believe they are running with this BS. Who cares what the person on the other side of a metal partition believes? He didn’t see a thing, and his beliefs are irrelevant. Just another way to spin the story in favor of the police. The police are guilty, they’re just trying to mitigate and provide extenuating circumstances for what happened.

    • Guest on said:

      Oh give it a rest! Freddy knew how to get a payout so why run? After all he was a Saint in the hood’s eyes! I never thought the police abused him and I’ve dealt with aggressive B more police!! Mayor pay his worhless family so you can do something about black on black crime!!! That’s why jails are full not police…….soooooooo glad I MOVED out of B more!

      • Guest1 on said:

        You give it a rest. By you leaving, you probably did Baltimore a big favor. So, you had your run-ins with Balto police. Did the city pay your worthless family, and run your ass out of town? You matter, Not!!! People understand the black on black crime, it’s everywhere, and no one is saying the people who commit crimes shouldn’t be punished, but not punishable by death at the veryhands of the people who swore to protect and serve you, and then stage a cover up. What part don’t you get? Oh, and jails aren’t filled with bad police officers because of the crooked system. We’ve peeped their hold card. I bet they’ll be more in jail now. Just ask Officer Slager. The police in this country have lost all credibility. They can’t be trusted, and they are the thugs, low lifes and criminals because they’ve been doing it for so long and have been getting away with it, up until now. For the average citizen, cameras are the next best thing since sliced bread.

  16. This person’s story is a LIE! Thus person was put up to say these lies. Those police officers murdered Freddie Gray, and they know they did! Thank God they will Not be able to escape God’s Justice! They All will Reap What They Have Sown!

    • Guest on said:

      By the way God Does Like Ugly so until Al Sharpton gives black on black crime the same passion he gives thugs robbing and murdering in OUR neighborhoods he will keep losing these thug cases!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lived B more…… glad I left!!!! I said from day one when this thug ran from police on a d@ bike he was guilty of something. I’ve dealt with aggressive police here but why would I run and make it worse when I’m innocent? These thugs know how to get payouts so why run? It just amazes me why AL thinks criminals with worthless parents are Saints and would tell the truth but hardowrking blacks getting robbed and murdered don’t deserve a higher priority???? A city with black leadership unlike Ferguson and the “massa” still has them down???? Again glad I MOVED…..

      • Amber on said:

        What? Why does Al Sharpton have to do it? WHat is wrong with you? Sharpton deals with black on black issues but his civil rights issues is dealing with injustice in the system when it comes to minority just some folks choose to deal with women issues. Does this mean they do not care about men issues? No but some folks battle is with certain issues. That is what he battles. We all can choose a fight and stop trying to tell someone else what they should be fighting. I say you, me, etc should be just as active as Al Sharpton and anyone else. If you are not doing nothing, you can not tell Rev Al or anyone else what they need to do. I deal with black youth (that is my civil duties in my area). No one can do it all. YOu said OUR neighborhoods, then if eveyone deals with their neighborhood and their homes and families, this will help. That is the root of the problem.

      • Amber on said:

        Guest, When have Rev Al said he thinks criminals with worthless parents are saints? right there you lose creditablity with you stupidity comment Guest. As for this guy who was killed, he was no staint; however, he did not need to die in the manner in which he did if the cops did wrong. When you allow the SYSTEM to get by with stuff like this, it will leak over to others because the system has to do thing in a certain manner. Yes, you moved, but if we allow the system to do thing in a wrong manner, it will soon hit you regardless if you are a good citizen or not and that is the main reason for the anger.

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