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Baltimore mother Toya Graham wasn’t trying to go viral. But when she slapped her son on national television she became an unwitting symbol of the lengths a Black mother will go to protect her child.

“”He gave me eye contact. And at that point, you know, not even thinking about cameras or anything like that. That’s my only son and at the end of the day I don’t want him to be a Freddie Gray,” Graham told CBS News.

Graham, a single mother of six, says when she saw her son, 16-year-old Michael she just lost it.

“I was shocked, I was angry, because you never want to see your child out there doing that,” she says. “There’s some days that I’ll shield him in the house just so he won’t go outside and I know that I can’t do that for the rest of my life,” said Graham. “I’m a no-tolerant mother. Everybody that knows me, know I don’t play that.”

Apparently despite his participation in the rioting, Michael is more afraid of his mother than the Baltimore police. Given his mother’s reputation, he says, he told her when he saw her, his first instinct was to run.

Watch Graham’s entire interview below:

(Photo: CBS News screenshot)

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45 thoughts on “Baltimore Mother Who Slapped Son On Camera: ‘I Didn’t Want Him To Become Another Freddie Gray’ [WATCH]

  1. Clarence on said:

    Mothers of America, you should look and learn from this Baltimore mother, protecting and disciplining her child. Great Job!

  2. The action that this mother took was correct. She loves her son and she dont play. When you hear about incidents that kids beating up there parents is because those parents did not discipline their children.

  3. Keith G. on said:

    If it was a girl, no I wouldn’t slap her, but I definitely woulda put her in a head lock and drug her behind home.

    The boys, yeah you better be HARD on them. They’re gonna learn from:

    1. You
    2. The police
    3. The drug dealer
    4. Jail
    5. The graveyard

    Pick one. The bible says “spare the rod, spoil the child”. I think the creator of the Universe knows better than all of you pundits out there.

  4. Clay Lomax on said:

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  5. This child was throwing bricks at the police, the last thing he needed at the moment was a hug. I hope, and prays that this young man realizes how much his mother loves him. She reminds me of a mother lion protecting her son, good for her.

  6. I know people only do what they know. I believe this mother well intention could use some tools when disciplining her children. Children do what they see and experience, and that response has not worked in the black community. Please look around and read statistics, and stop living in a cycle of unhealthiness. Again I know she loves her son, and only did what she knows. SHE IS A SINGLE MOTHER WITH SIX KIDS THAT TELLS YOU A LOT RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I applaud that mother. I would have done the same thing. There should have been more mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, and other responsible family members out there to beat all their asses home.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      When people first started calling me old school” I didn’t like it ’cause I knew I was just getting older.
      But now I fully embrace and am proud if it, ha,ha, Because there is a difference!!

    • it's my opinion on said:

      Amber, it is that “old school” BS that is keeping alot of parents bound, and they are not seeking the resources they need within the community, to deal with some of these very “difficult and violent” teenagers. These kids now are cursing their parents out, intimidating their parent, abusing their younger siblings and some go as far as being violent towards their parent.
      But, because of the so called “strong black woman stereotype”some mother’s refuse to seek help in fear of being called weak, a bad parent and you name it.
      When I say “old school bs”, I mean, our kids are exposed to alot have more single moms working outside of the home for longer hours with minimum pay, a majority of the time, the father is not in the home…it’s tough more now on parents than ever before.
      I disagree with the message that is being sent period.

  8. Amber on said:

    I agree those folks who looted and riot are criminals and did criminal behavior; however, it gets me when the media wants to call black men who mess up “thugs” YET a white guy can go into a movie theater, kill over 26 people and he will be called MENTAL just like the teen who killed those kids at that elementary school. Even the black guy who shot those two cops in December was mental, he got labeled a THUG and he had medical records saying he was mentally disturb.

  9. Babyboomer on said:

    When I saw the video all I could say was, good going mom!!! She did what many of us would do to keep our children safe. Sometimes you have to save your children from themselves and that’s what she was doing. No one want to bury their child and my heart aches for every parent who has ever had to do that. In her own heated way, that’s exactly what this mom was saying. Handle your business lady…

  10. I agree that she did exactly what she should have done!! I commend her her, as well. However, why should we set up or contribute to a gofundme account???

  11. Now this is a mom! Someone should set up a gofundme account for her and her son. Now if more Baltimore mothers will do this to their children. You can tell that this mother has been mothering her child the right way. Unfortunately so many mothers today don’t invest the time or the effort the way they should in their children. There is no way any of my three children when they were teenagers would have been rioting anywhere.

  12. Sssilk on said:

    I agree with the mother did, weather it was her son or daughter. But I do think that as a male. If I had done that to my daughter. I would have been arrested.

    • it's my opinion on said:

      No, she wasn’t suppose to sit their and watch him commit a crime. What she was “suppose” to have done, in my opinion, was applaud him for standing up for a good cause, and used that moment to show him that he was going about it the wrong way. If he had that type of respect for her and they had this perfect relationship, there would not have been a need for her to result to putting her hands on him.

  13. Timekeeeper on said:

    When we so quickly and without hesitation use the word ‘thug” we have bought into the media’s definition of who we are. I know some thugs and this boy is not one of them. Regardless of who may adamantly oppose it. This is a young kid who got caught up in the moment. Wrong, yes. Stupid, of course. But this does not make him a thug. In fact, I see this as a teachable moment. One in which his mother ( and perhaps those who saw and know him) could very easily turn this into something positive for him. If her were a thug I believe he may have attempted to turn on his mother.What I saw rather was embarrassment and a child who knew he was wrong. There is some good that can come out of this scenario.

    • Amber on said:

      I agree. I told a poster this same thing yesterday. That boy was not a thug, he got “caught up” and his mother brought him back down.

  14. Elizabeth on said:

    Ms Graham did not know at the time she was being filmed. She was looking for her child because he was not where he was supposed to be. It is good she did. Other parents who were not caught on tape, THANK YOU.

  15. Just Curious on said:

    Last week she would have went to jail for this., so does this mean we can now discipline our children and nor get arrested?

  16. Ken taylor on said:

    Has a fund been setup to show our financial support for her profound way of managing her son’s irresponsible action.

  17. Linda on said:

    Kudo’s to this Mom!

    She did not want to see her son caught up in the madness going on in the streets of Baltimore.
    More mothers need to check their children-no matter the gender.

    Although this young man was no doubt embarrased by his mom’s presence and her reaction-he may one day thank her for what she did.

    • @Gail, hell yes. If the daughter wanted to act like a fool and go out and loot and be violent, then she would get the exact same equal treatment. An even swap ain’t no swindle. I would rather shove them around or smack them out of my love than have to identify their bodies in the morgue later.

  18. Willis on said:

    Toya Graham For Mayor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baltimore needs a new mayor anyways. If she would treat the citizens of Baltimore like here own kids Baltimore will be a safe and productive city within 10 years.

  19. psnthersdec on said:

    Some people call her violent but doesn’t call the police violent. Black single moms get a bad rap for not wanting our kids to do better and she just showed he world we do want our kids to do better because we expect them to do better. I never seen a white mom go and get their kids when white folks are looting, burning up cars buildings and rioting because their favorite team lost.

    • Seriously on said:

      ??? put the pipe down baby and go home. Your making no sense. Its not a white or black issue. stop trying to make it into one. As parents we love our children and want the best for them. This mother did the right thing. She more than likely saved her sons life. He may not have been in danger now but he would have been later if he continued with this behavior. May God bless this mother.

      • Excuse me, but Black-White issues are what got us to this point. Though dramatic, I do agree with this mom’s actions. Most of the Black moms I know act this way and care about their children. However, because of Black-White issues: poverty, despair, racism etc., etc., etc., they are not always shown in the best light. However, make no mistake, this country is headed for far worse because of the issues I mentioned and the ever widening economic gap between the races.

  20. Jennifer on said:

    I agree Cam, I don’t think he’s a thug. If he was a real delinquent he would have ignored his mother’s demands. Props to the mom too even though some in the media are trying to be negative about her response as I saw on Dr. Drew tonight.

    • @Chris, l lets not go so far as to call her son a thug. He is apparently more afraid of her than anything else. I commend her for what she did, but I wouldn’t call him a thug.

      • Seriously on said:

        He is a wanna be thug. Lets call it what it is. His mother however hopefully set him straight. I wish her and her family the best. I hope he does well in school and lands a good paying career and gets his mom out of Baltimore.

    • psnthersdec on said:

      Is Justin Beiber and white folks rioting because their favorite team lost and McCain saying bomb, bomb, bomb are they THUGS.

      • Phyllis on said:

        Justin Bieber’s mom needs to slap his spoiled a** upside the head. Maybe he’ll stop acting so fake wanna be thuggish.

    • @Chris, he may not even be a wanna be thug, He maybe someone that needs to learn he is a leader and not a follower. I certainly wish him and his mother well. I would have done the same thing to any of my children that were out breaking the law. I tell you one thing, if it were my mother we would have begged the police not to let her near us.She is the most loving woman ever, but she doesn’t tolerate stupidity, criminal behavior, illiteracy and all of the other things that can lead to these behaviors or actions.

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