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Rihanna has a couple post-420 treats for her fans in the form of a new song and a spread in “V Magazine.”

It is no secret that RiRi loves to light up whenever the mood strikes her, and she put her love for weed in a new tune called “James Joint” that she released on her Website “in celebration.” Click here to listen to it!

The song wasn’t actually out in time for 420. Given the fact that she was helping her friend get hitched in Hawaii yesterday, though, she may have been letting the bride have her moment. That’s a friend!

As you probably guessed, the song is an ode to her love for weed, and she can’t get enough of it–the song or pot. “Dude, I’m in love with my interludes. This one called ‘James Joint’ is on constant repeat,” she raved to “V magazine.”

“V Magazine” felt like the proper forum to gush about “James Joint” because RiRi was letting it all hang out for her vintage vacation-inspired thread that popped with plenty of color. While Riri has never been shy about showing off her assets, she was really putting everything on display.

Check out a couple of her shots from “V Magazine” below!


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