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Talks of whether or not to extradite fugitive Assata Shakur from Cuba have reemerged between Cuba and the U.S., according to reports.

Just this past March, Cuba released an adamant statement that they would make no effort to return Shakur (whose legal name is Joanne Chesimard), to America.

Yet, their newfound willingness to cooperate could be a result of President Obama‘s recent moves to repair the once tattered relationship between Cuba and the U.S.

Last weekend, Obama met with Cuba’s President Raul Castro, and the media captured the two warmly shaking hands and talking politics. The President has also suggested removing the country from the international list of states that are believed to be sponsors of worldwide terrorism. In an interview with the Associated PressPresident Obama was quoted as saying:

“Cuba has agreed to enter into a law enforcement dialogue with the United States that will include discussions with the aim of resolving outstanding fugitive cases.

“We believe that the strong US interest in the return of these fugitives will be best served by entering into this dialogue with Cuba.”

Following her conviction for the death of trooper Werner Foerster on a New Jersey highway in 1973, Shakur escaped from prison and fled to Cuba, where she has lived since 1984.

She’s maintained her innocence due to a lack of physical evidence. But her legacy as a Black Panther has been tainted by a decades-long attempt to get her back to America and finish her original jail sentence.

In 2013, she became the first woman included on the FBI’s infamous ten Most Wanted List.

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11 thoughts on “Was The Hunt For Assata Shakur The Real Reason For U.S.-Cuba Deal?

  1. Everybody talks about Tupac’s aunt in Cuba and nobody ever mentions Luis Posada Carriles, self-confessed mastermind (taped interview for the Washington Post in 1998) of the bombing of a Cuban airliner back in 1976 that caused the loss of more than 70 civilian lives, including the Cuban national fencing team. Mr. Posada Carriles was tried in the US only for illegal entry, no further charges, and now lives in South Florida.

  2. Robert Abaka on said:

    Remember this is the same “black” president that got on t.v. and made a speech supporting the overthrow of an African country, Libya…I wouldn’t put it past him making it a mandatory part of the deal o turn her over at some point if she’s still there. I hope she’s not. Lame duck.

  3. cldryden on said:

    For anyone, especially a supposed journalist, to suggest that we are making friendly with the Cubans for the sake of getting to one person is not only stupid but ludicrous. Obama is just trying to get his legacy ducks in a row only.

  4. Linda on said:

    Cuba should be removed from the “Terrorist country” list now!

    The only reason that Cuba was ostracized back in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s is because Fidel Castro refused to bow down and kiss Amerykah’s ass.

    I hope that all the embargos are lifted so this country and Cuba can do business, as well as average citizens being able to vist Cuba as tourists.

    As for Ms. Chesimard- let her remain in Cuba-she will not receive fair treatment or a fair trial in this country!!!!!!!

    • cldryden on said:

      Cuba is on the terror list for a reason. Bone up on your information so you can make an intelligent comment. Perhaps since you have such a negative attitude about your country you should move to Cuba.

      • You really should STFU because you sound about as ignorant and racist as the people who run your so called “country.” FYI Just because America calls a nation a “terrorist” doesn’t make it so. Your “country” is not the default nation for all things “honest, good and just.” Cuba doesn’t go around bullying other nations with it’s politics, religion and military. YOURS does. Cuba didn’t participate in the Atlantic slave trade along with committing genocide against people of color all over the world. YOURS did. Cuba didn’t put Koreans and Japanese in concetration camps. YOURS did. Your nation will go down in history as the psychotic, inbred MFs who dropped a bomb on Nagasaki and Hyroshima killing thousands of innocent men, women, and children. If any country on this planet should be labeled a “terrorist” nation YOURS should. Go jump off of a fvkin bridge. You’d be doing the humanity a favor.

  5. She was not the reason but the media decided to make it reasons. Cuban has not been a terrorist and it’s leader has the right to do what he wants. Every nation deals with Cuba but the US because on Castro’s visit to the US White House greeted by VP Nixon. Castro refused the partnership of the US that Batista had and the US decided to put Cuba on the Dictator-Terrorist list. Batista was a Dictator but worked closely with the USA. Now Cuba will protect Joanne and everyone knows it.

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