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Faith Evans says a certain Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reformed ladies’ man will always have a special place in her heart.

“I was waiting for my next advance for my record deal or my publishing deal, which I knew was coming. I needed to come up with like $150,000 to put down on this house and Stevie J was one of the two people who loaned me the $75,000,” Faith told Vlad TV. “He always has a special place in my heart.”

At that time, Stevie J. was part of the Bad Boy production team The Hit Men, who were best known for their classic hits with artists like The Notorious B.I.G., Diddy and more.

Though he’s known to be a bit of a player, frequently carrying on flings and affairs, Faith remembers a Stevie who was there when she needed him. She said the two still keep in touch from time to time.

While Stevie’s wife, Joseline Hernandez, has let her jealousy run rampant at times when it comes to her husband, Faith said she never felt any of that from Joseline.

“She must kinda know that he and I are like family because I didn’t feel any funny vibe from her,” said Faith who wants nothing but the best for her friend.

“If he’s happy and she’s happy, then I think that that’s their relationship to cultivate and enjoy. If those are the two people that God put in each others’ lives to take this journey together, then I’m very happy for him and her,” she said.

Though the selfless, generous Stevie J. may sound like a contradiction from what “LHH: ATL” fans see on the show, Faith assured that he’s exactly who he’s portrayed to be.

“He’s definitely always been the same personality that people see on TV,” she said. “I love ratchet TV.”

In addition to Stevie J, watch Faith talk about her daughter, her Bad Boy days and more:

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