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Comedian/actor Cedric The Entertainer isn’t a real-life barber. He just plays one in the movies. But for that reason, he was the best person to take on a reality competition show about the barbershop life.

Cedric talked to Skip Murphy and Comedian Dominique in for the TJMS Crew who are on the Fantastic Voyage 2015, about his new reality show ‘Cedric’s Barber Battle’ premiering on the CW, Friday April 17th.

“The barbershop and the barbers have grown so much. People think it’s just a little job that you do in the neighborhood but they are craftsman and artists and they can do all kinds of crazy stuff. Not only that they are the best trash talkers in the world. We thought this was the natural place to do a competition show from me doing the barbershop movies and always in this world.”

The show takes place in different cities each week with three barbers competing to move on. The winning barber in each city gets $15,000 and a prize package. Cedric says you’ll see barbers cut in everything from cityspaces to spaceships to exploding soccer balls to Duke Ellington during the competition.

There are some female barbers in the competition as well. As barbers are also well known for the hood ‘entrepreneurs’ that come into their shops, selling any and everything whether acquired legally or not,  Cedric says that was an incentive.

“That’s one of the reasons why I did the show,” he laughs. “So I can get a lot of bunch of free stuff. I got so many flatscreens….”

Though barbers are necessary to keep your haircut straight, when, Skip wondered is it time to give up having hair at all?

“Stevie Wonder would be a good example,” Cedric says. “When you got more hair in the back than you do in the front, just let it all go.”

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