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If you’re familiar with Terrence Howard‘s ongoing battle with ex-wife Michelle Ghent, you probably won’t be the least surprised to find out she’s targeting his “Empire” salary.

Ghent is reportedly already receiving close to $6k a month from the actor, but according to new documents, that could change for the better for her because of Howard’s huge success on “Empire.” According to TMZ, here’s why:

The deal is Michelle gets 21% of anything Terrence made over $62,500 in the first 3 months of this year. As we previously reported … Michelle says Terrence pulls in $125k per episode — and sources tell us 3 episodes were shot this year.

We did the math, and he needs to cut her a check for about $65k. That’s just from his “Empire” money. Remember, Terrence has another show — “Wayward Pines” — debuting on FOX this year … so she’ll get some chunk of that.

Interestingly, even though their 2013 divorce was super nasty, we kinda think – given his new found success – she’s suddenly become his biggest fan.

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9 thoughts on “Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Reportedly After His ‘Empire’ Income

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    See Bruh’s…take it from Breezy. These hoes aint loyal. It wasnt enough to treat her good and provide for her while they were together. Now, they want you to take care of them afterwards too! Chris Rock advocated for “pu**y payments” and I think he is right!

  2. trotwoodjanet@aol.com on said:

    everytime he get paid, she get paid. to the bank with you mr. man.. hahahahahahaha she laughing all the way there…….lol…

  3. well i don’t kn… bu tif that is the agreement… then u gotta pay up… but some times i think it is better 2 leave a man alone. after you get some $$$$ out of the settlement… >>.. cause it is easier to cut all ties with him,,,,,,,,,,

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