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The “Blurred Lines” verdict ruling in favor of Marvin Gaye‘s family has had another positive result for the late singer and his family. Ever since, his record sales have skyrocketed, according to Billboard.

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams have to pay the Gaye family $7.4 million for the copyright infringement of “Got to Give It Up.”

Gaye’s Number 1’s debuted at no. 175 on Billboard 200 after the verdict. The album sold 4,000 units and is his first album in more than a decade to chart since 2001’s The Very Best of Marvin Gaye.

The most impressive sales were for the single  “Got To Give It Up,” which was the song Williams and Thicke were ruled to have copied to create “Blurred Lines.” The song generated 10,000 downloads, increasing by 246 percent to re-enter the R&B Digital Songs at No. 18.

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