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Mo’Nique’s desire for success and fame may have paid off with her Oscar for best supporting actress, but she admits the journey came with personal drama.

Chatting with TV One, Mo’Nique touched on what was sacrificed to achieve fame. According to her, it was her husband Sidney Hicks and oldest son Shalon Jackson that were the casualties of her career.

“This is my third marriage. [With] the first two marriages, I was chasing [fame] and really didn’t understand what it is to be a wife,” Mo’Nique said during an upcoming primetime TV One special that was filmed in Atlanta.

Mo’Nique and Hicks may have been married, but they attracted headlines after she revealed they had an open marriage.

In 2013, Mo’Nique confessed that her and Hicks have a monogamous relationship after abandoning their open lifestyle.

“I thought I was saying to women you can enjoy your cake and eat it too. It backfired. Now that I understand what I have, baby listen, there’s not another man on the face of this earth that can compare to mine,” she said at the time.

Although she straightened out her relationship with Hicks, the effect of their open marriage still harbors less than positive feelings from Jackson.

“Now that my son is 25, we have a very strained relationship because during that time when he was a little boy I was out chasing, so my prayer was ‘please give me another chance,’” Mo’Nique shared with TV One.

Mo’Nique’s interview is set to air at 10 pm ET March 22 on TV One.

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One thought on “Mo’Nique Admits Career Strained Relationship With Oldest Son

  1. carmen on said:

    She’s so bitter. Having a nasty attitude towards people for no reason and acting like a bully will eventually destroy ones reputation.

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