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Two police officers were shot in Ferguson early Thursday morning, just hours after the city’s police chief resigned.

“These police officers were standing there, and they were shot just because they were police officers,” St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said.

But neither of those struck was from the Ferguson Police Department. One, a 14-year veteran of the St. Louis County Police Department, was shot in the shoulder. The other, a 7-year veteran of the Webster Groves Police Department, was struck in the face, Belmar said.

The officers were in serious condition Thursday morning. It’s not clear who the shooter was.

Police from an array of jurisdictions in Missouri were in Ferguson keeping an eye on the protestors at the time.

Several protesters said the shooter was not near the crowd of demonstrators, but was up on a grassy hill.

The gunman was “no less than 100 feet” away, one protester said

This comes just after Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson stepped down, finally.

It had been expected.

He says he did it on his own and was not forced out.

Beyond his statement to the media, he sent me a personal note saying, “I am encouraged by the final paragraph (conclusion) of the DOJ report.  We agree that Ferguson can do the tough work to see this through and emerge the best small town it can be.”

He’s right, at least about the tough work part.

There has been so damage done that I’m not sure the rift can be healed and I’m not sure a new chief will change people’s minds in the community.

I’m hopeful, but not convinced.

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8 thoughts on “Don Lemon Is Not Sure The Rift In Ferguson Can Be Healed With A New Police Chief

  1. Unfortunately Don has blood on his hands, along with several of his colleagues, for perpetuating the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative, fanning the flames since last year from the streets of Ferguson, that was a fraud, as admitted by the supposed eyewitnesses. After exonerating Darren Wilson without apologizing for their deadly error in a rush to judgement, Holder then moved the goal posts to talk about the problem being some insensitive forwarded emails, which probably were no more offensive than forwarded emails by employees of various newsrooms, including CNN.

    • Somebody gets it!
      If Holder and Obama had NOT been so quick to judge Wilson without knowing the true facts of the case none of this would have happened. If Holder and Obama admitted to the people that they were wrong about the case after it was settled none of this would have happened. Instead, they continued their charade against the PD and continued to divide the public along racial lines …. the aftermath is chaos and blood is on their hands now.

  2. I agree with Don. Those people are so angry, they know they have been used and treated so unfairly robbing them of the little money they have, so they are bitter. I’m sorry those cops were shot and I pray they heal 100%. But the w man has been robbing us for years and still does. They have double standards as always.

  3. The people of Ferguson both Black White and Brown are good people. The truth is that the city of Ferguson has been invaded by people outside of that city tied to communist interests through Eric Holder and Obama. They are funded by the socialist George Soros to subvert honest law enforcement and create chaos. Witness the shooting of two innocent policemen last night.
    God help the good people of Ferguson .

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      I have seen you spew your despicable racism on several posts the past few weeks. We all know this isn’t your real name I suppose giving yourself some ( false) ethnicity gives you some street cred. No, it doesn’t. your bigoted lies, racist outburst, and political ignorance preceeds you. It is tragic that those police officers were ambushed. No one wants that. But to cast aspersion on Eric Holder simply because you don’t like him. Your phony baloney conspiracy is only something you could have gotten from the racist skinhead magazines you undoubtedly subscribe to. There may be a few KKK folks who might believe you, Or perhaps Sean Hannity and his crew but the rest of America knows you are certifiable

      • Eric Holder helped incite these violent protests and the administration is complicit with George Soros in funding the violence and protests in Ferguson … Those have been proven without a doubt. You are blind to what is truly going on behind the scenes … I choose to live in truth.

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