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Fans have celebrated the life of The Notorious B.I.G. in almost every way imaginable since the rapper’s tragic passing. Recently, of course, we saw how many people honored the emcee on March 9, the anniversary of his death. Plenty of fans made Instagram posts and others worked up remixes of his work. One fan did something different with his love for B.I.G.

YouTuber Benjamin Roberts synched up Biggie’s classic 1997 “Hypnotize” with the 1990s Dinosaurs T.V. series and got this.

There are some interesting Biggie references in the clip which has already amassed more than 2 million views since it was posted a couple days ago. For instance, check out Dino dad Earl Sinclair’s red and black lumberjack. Fans will forever remember that reference from Big Poppa’s “Juicy.” There’s just no hat to match in the series.

While Earl’s work homies lend their voices to the Diddy ad-libs, Baby Sinclair offers up hook duties in the video. In the end, you realize the song is actually kind of a Big Poppa lullaby for Earl’s son as Baby Sinclair finally falls asleep when the cut comes to an end.

Check out the clip to live out some of that ‘90s nostalgia and then see how many people celebrated Biggie this year.


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