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DALLAS (AP) — A former University of Oklahoma fraternity member who was shown in a video chanting a racial slur issued an apology Tuesday, as did the parents of a second student.

In a statement emailed by his father, Parker Rice said the incident that was caught on video was “likely was fueled by alcohol,” but “that’s not an excuse.”

“I am deeply sorry for what I did Saturday night,” Rice said in a statement emailed to The Associated Press by his father. “It was wrong and reckless.”

Meanwhile, the parents of another student seen on the video, Levi Pettit, released a statement that said, “he made a horrible mistake, and will live with the consequences forever.”

Both Pettit and Rice are from Texas.

The chant referenced lynching and indicated black students would never be admitted to OU’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

OU President David Boren has severed ties with the fraternity. On Tuesday, he expelled the two students who appeared to be leading the chant and said others involved would face discipline.

Rice said in his statement that he withdrew from the university Monday. The statement from Pettit’s parents did not address his status with the university.

Rice said threatening calls to his family have prompted them to leave their North Dallas home. He called the incident “a horrible mistake” and “a devastating lesson” for which he is “seeking guidance on how I can learn from this and make sure it never happens again.”

“Yes, the song was taught to us, but that too doesn’t work as an explanation. It’s more important to acknowledge what I did and what I didn’t do. I didn’t say ‘no.'”

Pettit’s parents, Brody and Susan Pettit, said in a statement posted online that their son “is a good boy, but what we saw in those videos is disgusting.” The Pettits apologized “to the entire African-American community (and) University of Oklahoma student body and administration.”

Also Tuesday, Beauton Gilbow, the fraternity’s “house mom,” issued a statement that addressed a video from 2013 showing her repeating a racial slur as music plays in the background. Gilbow said she was singing along to a song. She said she was “heartbroken” by the portrayal that she was racist but understood how the video must appear in the context of the week’s events.

A “house mom” is a housing director who might oversee staff and finances at a sorority or fraternity house.

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7 thoughts on “SAE Fallout Continues: Frat Members, Family And House Mother Apologize

  1. Charles Walker on said:

    I don’t get it. Before we can conplain about them using the “N” word we need to stop using it. The word does not change it’s meaning with the change of pigmentation of the person speaking it. Also if you thought racism had died you were fooling yourself. We try to police the world, but we fail in our own back yard.

  2. I agree, they only apologized because they got caught. 1 of them stated that it was fueled by alcohol… My Mother told me years ago “A drunk person, speaks a “sober” mind”. Don’t blame it on the “AL-AL-AL- ALCOHOL”.

  3. He only apologized because he got caught and because he embarrassed his family putting them on the spot. He’s not sorry he got a thrill out of being able to just say the word N and hang from a tree. All that were involved need to be labeled just like a rapist, when they go to apply for jobs, housing and the like they get denied.

  4. Erica on said:

    Really, we’re to believe it was a mistake..oh he didn’t mean to sing that song,.. now he wants to get better so it won’t happen again. You can’t cure racism.

  5. This type of behavior is done as a way of holding on to “ill-gotten” so-called power; by instilling fear, and behavioring violently towards black people all because whites are sooooo afraid the tables are going to turn. There is consequences for one’s actions.

  6. Their apology is the “I apologize, because I got caught apology.”. I do not believe it is a sincere apology. This is why this country is so racist and full of hate; because it continues to be ” passed down generation after generation” from whites.

  7. Linda on said:

    From the videos that I have seen-the House Mother led the racist chant!
    F–k her and those frat boys -they can put their hollow apology where the sun don’t ever shine!!!!!!!!

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