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Black lives matter and protestors in Atlanta had that as their rallying cry as they protested two fatal police shootings in three months. Just this week an unarmed, naked veteran was shot dead by Atlanta police. In the other fatal shooting, a man was killed after calling 911 for assistance when another man had assaulted his girlfriend. The police officer shot his dog and when the man, who was armed, didn’t immediately drop his gun, he was shot and killed. reports:

More than 100 protesters converged on the Decatur square Wednesday evening to call attention to DeKalb County’s second police killing in three months that they contend was an unjust use of force.

They marched, banged a drum and chanted phrases, including “Hey hey, ho ho, these killer cops have got to go.”

On Monday, DeKalb Officer Robert Olson shot a 27-year-old Air Force veteran to death who was unarmed and naked outside his Chamblee apartment complex.

DeKalb Public Safety Director Cedric Alexander said the man, Anthony Hill, ran at the officer and ignored warnings to stop during an apparent mental-health breakdown.

“Please join us on Wednesday at the Decatur Square as we demand justice for, and honor the lives of Anthony Hill, Kevin Davis, and countless others taken from us too soon,” an email announcing the protest read. “Anthony was naked and unarmed at the time of the shooting, yet Officer Olsen found him to be enough of a threat to take his life.”

Many of the protesters wore purple, reportedly Hill’s favorite color. One sign read: Anthony Hill fought for his country only to be murdered by a DeKalb police officer. Demilitarize the police.

DeKalb County police officer Robert Olson was placed on administrative leave.

Jim Chambers said his goal Wednesday night was to honor Anthony Hill and begin a discussion in the community.

Another case was also on the crowd’s mind.

In December, Officer Joseph Pitts shot Kevin Davis, a 44-year-old man who had called 911 for help, after killing his dog.

Alexander said Pitts shot Davis after he didn’t drop a gun. Davis was demanding to know why the officer had shot his dog but was not pointing the gun at Pitts, Alexander said.

Davis, who had no arrest record, had come to the door after hearing the gunshots believing a man who had assaulted his girlfriend had returned, Alexander said.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating both cases at Alexander’s request.

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12 thoughts on “Protests In Atlanta After Two Men Are Killed By Police In Three Months

  1. Nolan on said:

    While we can look closer at music, clothes and other additives that inflate the perception society may have of young black boys, if you don’t start at the heart you cannot even put a dent into the problem. To the families I say unequivocally, your sons were not murdered for what clothes they had on, nor what version of rap lyrics they were listening to, but rather this occurred because of a shadow that has been cast over our nation’s view of young black men. We are perceived as criminals because the nation, through privatization, has made our imprisonment a business, rather than a social service. Go here:

  2. Black communities all over the country are under siege. There civil and constitutional rights are abused by police violence on a regular bases. The police are worst than the criminals. The taxpayers live in fear of both. We have to keep the pressure on and keep video taping all encounters with the police. They must be held accountable for breaking the laws.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Those who say “what about the black on black crimes?” You are saying the police are just as bad as the criminals, neither is good for our society. Criminals that murder should go to jail and so should these cops, especially the ones that MURDER unarmed black men. Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    “Anthony was naked and unarmed at the time of the shooting, yet Officer Olsen found him to be enough of a threat to take his life.” This could have been handled so differently. Stories like this police shootings of unarmed black men should really give Americans something to think about. Police are not out here to protect and serve, they are here to keep black folks in line.

    • Fed Up on said:

      Amazing. Nothing but excuse making. None of you, not one, is actually concerned with or interested in looking closer at black males killing other black males (yes most UNARMED) in record numbers all across this country, on a weekly basis. Instead, you focus on any killings that involve non-blacks. That is why you will never get the respect and recognition you want. You only want to point fingers are non-blacks, and NEVER practice self responsibility. Where are the protests when blacks kill blacks? Where is the looting, the rioting and the burning then? You are all excuse making hypocrites and you’re doing more damage to your cause then helping it, by ignoring the real issue. Often times perception is well earned! But hey, keep making excuses…..its worked out real well for you over the past 60 years hasn’t it!

      • specialt757 on said:

        The facts as we know them (at the moment) in this case is that a trained police officer shot a naked unarmed black man. This is an ongoing problem that needs to be talked about and corrected. That other stuff you referred to are issues as well, but this story right here is only about this type of injustice in the black community, please stick to the subject at hand.
        You are the one that sounds like a racist “Obama’s racist driven Department of Justice with his boy Holder” “…I would leave. I would pull my pants up, find a country I was comfortable in and would make a better life for myself. If blacks did something other than make excuses…”

  5. If black lives really matter where are the protests for the thousands taken in neighborhood violence every year? black lives ONLY matter when their shot in confrontations with police. BAW had a story of a 19 yro honer student in Chicago killed in a drive by not much said there guess that black life didn’t matter so much

  6. Darlene on said:

    I am so F-ing mad I am so sick of hearing about this something needs to be done. I think about my son 19 year old son all the time while he is away from me. If this was WHITE FOLKS getting SHOT down like this ???????????? Why must they shoot to kill ALL THE TIME?????

    • specialt757 on said:

      Darlene that’s how they keep black folks in line. They are saying I want you to fear us instead of respect us. The police departments around the nation need to re-vamp, they have lost the respect they once had. Last week’s episode of Scandal showed the true mind-set of these type police officers. Wake up America, sounds like “bloody Sunday” is happening any and every day of the week.

  7. This is so outrageous! The police across America are on a conspired murderous rampage to murder black people. I am totally convinced; because this could have been handled in another way. Had this been a white man or boy, this would have been handled differently.

    • Fed Up on said:

      Even Obama’s racist driven Department of Justice with his boy Holder at the helm couldn’t find fault with Officer Wilson. And we all know Obama and Holder were looking very hard to try and vilify the white man, yet even they could not find the facts to do it! EIB your comment is plainly ignorant. If you really think this is the case, then why remain? Why stay? If I lived in a country where I was as miserable as you all make the US out to be, I would leave. I would pull my pants up, find a country I was comfortable in and would make a better life for myself. If blacks did something other than make excuses, use race as the reason for anything negative that happens in their lives, and would actually work hard, obey the law, set goals and work towards them, you would have a much better life. But I guess bitching and moaning, using your race as an excuse and complaining is much easier than actually working hard and staying out of trouble. HOW MANY BLACK MALES HAVE BEEN KILLED BY BLACKS MALES IN ATLANTA IN THE PAST THREE MONTHS? Far more than two!! Hypocrite racists! One and all of you.

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