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Horoscopes for the week of March 9th  

When will you learn? It is up to you (and only you) to trust your instincts, and make conscious decisions that reflect your inner knowing – that inner knowing that comes from a higher source. This is a choice. It is a choice that must be made everyday, always. When you can accept this, only then will you take the reins of your destiny. Until you accept this, you will always assume you have no control.

Somewhere in your life, you feel stuck. It is not due to circumstances beyond your control. It is due to circumstances you created as a result of personal decisions made. In another area of your life, you are desperate for more freedom. Not freedom from your responsibilities, but the freedom to initiate activities that would allow you to self-actualize. Think about this for a moment. Think about the areas of your life where these two statements hold true, and stir an inner conflict – where you are stuck and where you want to be free. Once you have identified how these statements apply, you may continue reading.

Now, because your life is as it is (whatever that is), there are bound to be limitations with how far and fast your life can progress. This doesn’t mean, then, that you should cease all attempts at progress. Nor does it suggest you do a complete overhaul of the people, things, or situations you perceive as blocks to progress. What it does mean is that adjustments most likely need to be made – a few baby steps here and there – that will bring you closer to manifesting your goals for the future. This approach is sound. This approach is doable. This approach is acceptable. This is where you have control.

The coming week marks a pertinent shift to our daily existence, and it is a shift that will be intensely felt, and final. There’s no turning back. Important decisions will be absolute. The energy involved will play out as a growing desire to create a solely unique path, versus a fixed desire to stick with what has already been planned and plotted. The way through will be to summon all the courage you can muster, to push back against any authority (be it external or internal) that serves as an impediment. I am certain that we will see a preview of what I am describing on the national and international scenes this week (recurring scenes that began when this energy became of influence back in 2012). I am also certain that the resulting tension will have an impact on our personal lives as well – yours and mine.

The planets above are configured in a way that favors the bold, the opportunistic, and the risk-taking. But don’t be fooled into thinking that there will be no repercussions for rash moves and impulsive acts. As previously mentioned, your best way forward will be to make adjustments, whether with physical barriers, or within the confines of your own thoughts and beliefs. I was not kidding when I said that March would serve as the real start to 2015. It is official; we are being called by the Universe to embrace a new normal. Happy New Year!

Check your horoscope below to see how your sign will be affected by this week’s astrological transits, and be sure to read for your Ascendant sign too. Watch my forecast video for March while you’re at it!

On the day you were born, all of the planets were positioned in the signs of the Zodiac – not just the Sun. To find out more about your full astrological make up, email Tracey for a personal Astrology reading at info@traceylrogers.com

Aries: You are about to make a big move on the career front, Aries. It’s a move that you’ve been considering for quite some time, and it is a move that will allow you more freedom to excel when it comes to professional pursuits. However, you can’t just quit your job (or punch your boss!). You have to be smart about these next steps – these next baby steps. A new vocational experience is coming, dear Ram. You’ll get a taste of what’s in store this week. Until everything is final, be patient. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Taurus: Until you can adjust your perspective, allowing for new thoughts and inspiration that will change the way you live your life, you will always feel an insatiable need for more meaning, more purpose, and more fulfillment. It is time that you release certain opinions – even spiritual ideologies – that no longer serve you, dear Taurus. Give your mind and spirit permission to explore. Be willing to be adventurous. The release of fears and doubts will only ensure the “excursion” runs smoothly. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Gemini: The ways in which you invest yourself, Gemini, are honorable at best. You mean well, but you don’t particularly like being vulnerable in love, or with money. I’m not sure where this comes from, but you should probably get over it and stat, especially as you find yourself in the midst of an experience that begs the need for you to share your goals, dreams, and wishes for the future. Don’t hold back. Don’t try and put on a façade like you’re not really passionate about something. Go all in. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Cancer: Working relationships will come to a head this week, but this isn’t anything new for you, dear Crab. It is frustrating to continue to have the same experience over and over again. But the difference between now and then is that you’ll finally come to understand what needs to shift, and that is how you manage relationships in general. If you expect more autonomy when it comes to the work that you do, you’re going to have to set a tone in partnerships that inspires others’ full support. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Leo: Another Leo and I were reflecting on how us Lions tend to take on more than we can chew, and pretend as if we’ve got it all under control. But let’s face it Leo, you don’t. That’s why you have experienced meltdowns, panic attacks, and other kinds of episodes. I understand that you’re anxious for an experience more grand, one that will take you to even greater heights in life. But you’ve got to do the physical work – everything from exercise to time management. Let this be your main focus. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Virgo: What you choose to share with others, and how you choose to become involved is your prerogative, and you are going to do what you want! I support you, Virgo. It’s time to let your hair down and take a few risks. But might I make one suggestion? Don’t be so bold at the expense of your authentic self. If you know that a certain lifestyle, relationship, or monetary investment makes you feel uneasy, admit it and act accordingly. Don’t just shake things up. Make sure it’s worthwhile. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Libra: Changes are afoot on the relationship front, and they are of the same variety: You vs. Me, I vs. We, etc. The reason why you continue to experience fluctuations with important others is because you are learning how to live your life without having a constant companion. From an emotional standpoint, partnership is preferred – probably a necessity due to your own upbringing and neglect. But your partners also have needs; they’re not there to fill your void. This goes for your partner too. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Scorpio: If you’ve been putting forth a diligent effort, Scorpio, you will notice the ways in which you’ve created space in your daily life for personal growth. Everything from how you take care of your body, to educational pursuits, to how you manage your time, are factors that contribute to the freedom you seek when it comes to planning your day-to-day affairs. So why hasn’t it sunk in that ultimately you have control over such matters? Could it be limited thinking? Adjust your self-talk. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Sagittarius: Sudden creative urges have crept up on you over the past few years. Some Archers may be hearing their bio-clocks, while others are interested in more fun recreational activities. No matter your experience, the need to break free of whatever restricts your inner child has become insatiable. You won’t be able to dive in and play with a gambler’s spirit. But you can get your priorities straight when it comes to money and values, in order to tap into those authentic talents. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Capricorn: Domestic matters intensify this week, and you may not have time to plan or strategize next steps. You enjoy being the figurative head of your household, providing for loved ones in ways that bring about long-term security. However, you don’t enjoy surprise disruptions in your home, as they leave you feeling unsettled. Over the coming days, you are going to have to contend with a situation that brings emotional discomfort. Take it as your queue not to resist, and go with the flow. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Aquarius: A demystified awareness of self and personal motivations is beginning to materialize in ways that have inspired you to expand your knowledge. Shallow conversations and limited thinking that you experience with others (or even with yourself) no longer speak to what is being revealed in the depths of your mind. You are being called now to communicate your truth, and indulge new curiosities surrounding everyday interactions and education. Don’t be afraid to share your insights. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Pisces: Your values are changing Pisces, and have been for quite some time. What was important to you then isn’t so important now. What your priorities were then, are no longer priorities now. These fluctuations have affected not only your financial standing, but also your relationships with others. Ultimately, the goal is for you to create the flexibility needed to invest your time, love, and money where you see fit. Your dreams and wishes for the future may need to shift in the process. My upcoming March Webinar is for empowered women only. Visit traceylrogers.com to sign up!

Tracey L. Rogers is an Astrologer and certified Life Coach in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. With over 15 years of experience, Tracey brings clarity and insight explaining how astronomical activity above affects us down below, while her coaching services motivate you to live a fully empowered life! You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. For more information on services, visit http://www.traceylrogers.com

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