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The drama surrounding Robin Thicke’s hit song “Blurred Lines” continues as new information reveals that $16,675,690 in profits were made from the Pharrell Williams and T.I.-assisted tune.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, court testimony revealed that Thicke received $5,658,214, Williams collected $5,153,457 and T.I. made $704,774. The remaining $6.9 million was split between each artist’s respective record labels (Interscope, Star Trek & UMG Distribution) and a Universal Music executive.

Sony managed to avoid the case as it settled with the family of Marvin Gaye (for an undisclosed amount) in January 2014.

News of the amount of profits generated from “Blurred Lines” is the latest development since the trial started. The trial stems from a lawsuit filed against Gaye’s estate by Thicke, Williams and T.I. in Sept. 2013. Gaye’s family filed a counter suit, accusing the trio of ripping off Gaye’s classic song “Got to Give It Up.”

Williams is scheduled to testify later this week as it could largely determine whether the Gaye family receives any of the mentioned royalties, the Reporter noted.

“Blurred Lines” isn’t the only Thicke song the Gaye estate has a problem with. Thicke’s “Love After War,” the estate claims, misappropriated Gaye’s “After The Dance.”

The Gaye estate is after royalties for “Love After War.” It’s financial expert Gary Cohen noted that the song made $895,374 in profits, an amount the estate wants a piece of.

Overall, the Gaye family is seeking approximately $40 million for alleged damages.

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