Well, well, well.

It looks as if Gaborey Sidibe has weighed in on the never ending drama of Monique and her claims that she was offered the role of Cookie Lyons in ‘Empire’. Sidibe who stars in the hit show also played Precious in the movie Monique won an Oscar for.

Gabourey took to Twitter to give her opinion on the situation.


Last week, Oscar winner Mo’Nique’ claimed that Precious director Lee Daniels initially offered her the role of Cookie Lyon on Empire, but his plans were thwarted by Fox execs who said she was too “difficult” to work with.

That Mo’Nique is difficult and “borderline disrespectful” was co-signed openly on social media by several media and entertainment industry execs who have worked with her, yet Mo’Nique has generated a lot of screen time saying that the industry and Daniels “blacklisted” her because she “knew her worth.”

Henson, who is racking up record ratings as the breakout star of Empire in the role of Cookie Lyon, hasn’t said anything publicly about Mo’Nique’s claims. However, she did retweet Empire co-creator Danny Strong on her own Twitter timeline. Strong says Henson was always going to play Cookie, and in fact, in several interviews, Henson has said she initially wasn’t sure she wanted to play the role.

Here’s Strong’s tweet, retweeted by Henson.

And if that wasn’t clear enough, Strong confirms Mo’Nique was NEVER offered a role on Empire or in The Butler like she claimed.

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45 thoughts on “UPDATE: Gabourey Sidibe Responds! Taraji P. Henson, ‘Empire’ Creator Lays To Rest Mo’Nique’s Claim Cookie Role Was Hers

  1. dhu! on said:

    Lee Daniels was dangling the roles in your face Monique, to make you feel miserable and it seems to have worked. From all you’ve said, he never intended to give the parts to you at ALL..just kinda let you know in a ‘mean’ way that he was doing something and you weren’t going to be in it. He’s a meany miny moo…biatch!! Dust yourself off, bury him deep down and keep stepping. If he ever calls you again, tell him you’ve blackballed him and he can take his behind elsewhere..you ain’t gay. You need to STOP talking about him completely..like NOW..those who’ve read sympathize with you but enough of it already. You don’t need to work in all black movies or tv shows..they’re cheap and like to offer mediocrity even in work places away from hollywood..Show this Daniels and his ‘wtf’ that you transcend color in your abilities as an actor. If you have to kiss some ass, it better be an A lister pearl where you can mingle with the who’s who…someone will see you..like really!!

  2. Keep the ridiculous comments going black people you are truly delighting the Clowns at FOX they don’t have to lift a finger to destroy us the job is being done right here right now on this page with all of the negative comments! SMDH‼️‼️😏😏👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  3. Doral Mott on said:

    Monique could n would never do Cookie any justice she would never make it pass the naked seen so go day dream what u think could be but never dear.

  4. Black’s on a very large scale are always being tricked by a white owned phony network to watch some hyped up tv show. Overall,it’s a waste of time.
    Glad I do not watch it at all.

  5. Livi on said:

    Yes, let it go!! Don’t make matters worst with you really being blackballed! Hollywood eats people. There’s too many out there that would love to have it and qualify if just given the chance. Let it go!

  6. Mo, to me was never that funny. She could not have played cookie . She does not have the acting chops . nor the look . she making a ass out of here self if she wants a job in the future she should shut the hell up

  7. Tanisha on said:

    It seems like everybody is jumping on the Empire bandwagon in one way or the other. This is a highly rated, all black casted show that is a hit. They are going to try to bring it down somehow. Creating this ridiculous gossip is just one way.

  8. Timekeeeper on said:

    OK. There was a scene last week when Taraji ( Cookie) was making love with Terence Howard. When she layed her fine ass up on that bed and showed all that glorious, glistening, smooth as butter thighs all the way up, up and yes up some more!! Monques could not have one that.
    I rest my case!!!

  9. pac4me on said:

    I watched one episode of Empire and didn’t like it so I can’t comment on Henson’s portray of Cookie. Lots of actors are offered roles – it doesn’t mean they will get it, but Monique if you were indeed offered the role, either you or they decided it wasn’t a good fit and the selection went to the next person – get over it and be better prepared for the next offer (if you shut up)

  10. MS LP on said:

    When cookie was sitting in board room in fur coat talking about the rose and stud up and open that coat….priceless ….enough said

  11. Sandra on said:

    Cookie belongs to who got the part!!! She makes it hers. It wouldn’t be what it is without Ms Henson. And the passion between Terrace Howard I s magic!!! PURE MAGIC!

  12. skegee51 on said:

    Why does she think she is Black Balled…Go back to what got her there..COMEDY!! BUT if she thinks she has evolved from her roots, well she will be broke soon. Just because the likes of Pryor, Murphy, Hart, Epps, Harvey evolved to do other things, there are plenty that could not.

  13. Miss it on said:

    Mo’nique is still being difficult. By continuing to talk about what she didn’t get, it’s not helping her land any roles. She’s only talking about Empire, because it’s such a big hit. Fire your husband and get a good manager and a PR firm. You need it to get back on track.

  14. I feel the right person was picked for the role of Cookie Lyon. Monique would not have been able to portray Cookie, so let’s move on. Taraji P. Henson has the role and she’s doing great things with it. Time to let this go Mo and move on to something else.

  15. There are tons of Hollywod so-called stars that didn’t promote their movies and are difficult from time to time to work with. Leonardo DiCaprio, for instance didn’t promote Titanic, Edward Norton, didn’t promote The Incredible Hulk, Sean Connery, didn’t promote a great number of his films and the list goes on. labeling Mo’Nique as difficult because of this and because she knows her worth is ridiculous.

  16. ojakki on said:

    This is a distraction, Is this Art imitating Hollywood or Hollywood intimating Art. It’s kind of what the show is based on.

  17. I hope it is not true that Monigue let the oscar win go to her head that her expectations became t much. I wish she would get back to doing comedy.

  18. Monique did this to herself with her attitude and loud rude behavior. She got the Oscar and thought it was going to take her career to new heights and it would have if she had not made things hard for herself by being difficult. She refused to promote the movie she won an oscar for. Who does that? Does she not realize that opportunity was free advertisment for herself? I bet if she had it to do all over again she would promot, promote, promote. There are other actors who have been in the game a lot longer and had a lot more experience than she does and they promote because they know the advantage. She got a case of the big head and got way ahead of herself. Got too bid for her own britches and it came back to bite her in her hind parts. Let this be a lesson to her in the future. She needs to stop lying and quit hating on Taraji, Monique could NEVER play Cookie. She was not made for that role, she does not have the look, the walk, or the attitude to play that role. They got it right when they picked Taraji. She is humble, a better actress and has more experience. You have never heard anyone say anything negative about Taraji, she has a great work ethic. As far as Monique is concerned she needs to humble herself, learn from her mistakes and stop burning bridges. And her husband has been labled difficult to work with, she may want to consider another manager perhaps……Im just saying.

    • @Andraj13@att.net, Mo’Nique is not the first actor to do this and certainly not the last. Would I have done this no. However, there are a host of Actors and Actresses that have pulled these stunts, refused to promote a movie, or even show up for an award and then send a nasty rude letter to the studio, producers and directors and they are or continued to work until their death. Marlon Brando is a prime example. Amazing actor, but difficult and moody beyond believe.

  19. Tammy on said:

    Mo’Nique can say whatever she wants. She lives in Hollywood and know what goes on with herself. I see no big deal in what she is saying. She is just saying that she was offered the role first. What is the problem with her saying that if it true? This is nothing new and others have spoken out on roles they were offered first but it went to someone else but I guess because it is Mo some folks want to make a big deal about her speaking out.

      • @specialt757 Danny Strong and Lee Daniels are both probably lying. But who really knows. Each person has to make them =selves look better than the other.

      • Virginia on said:

        Doesn’t matter whether Monique was offered either of those roles. She didn’t get them, and now she needs to move on. If she keeps this up she’s not going to get another good role anytime soon. There are too many hungry actors out there to put up with somebody’s overblown ego, sense of entitlement, or hurt feelings.
        I like Monique, I hope she’ll take advice and move on, and stop trying to rain on other people’s parades. It makes her look Petty.

  20. I don’t think the role of Cookie’s character in Empire would have been a good fit for Monique. To me, it would have appear that Monique was acting i n that role. For Taraji, it seems to come “natural.”

  21. RMC/SW/AW on said:

    It’s just my opinion, but I cannot see Monique playing the role of Cookie unless the demeanor of the character changed.

    • specialt757 on said:

      I don’t know who else was “considered” for the role of Cookie, but they definitely got it right with TJ Henson, she’s perfect for this role. Oh my goodness her facial expressions are priceless!

  22. Beeg1966 on said:

    Just another example of someone getting to big for their britches, way to soon. ” Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Matthews 5:5

  23. Monique – stop embarrassing yourself. Have a seat and a smile. We know you are a great actress, but this role was not meant for you to have..you are beginning to look like an angry sista carrying sour grapes. I want to keep the memory of your previous acting skills the way we’ve been blessed to see…not overshadowed by negative and finger pointing antics…

    • Tammy on said:

      How is she embarassing herself? She is just saying what was offered to her. This is NOTHING NEW in Hollywood. Many roles were offered to other people before they were given to people who we think fit the roles. This is no different than music. Some songs were offered to other artists who turned them down and the songs went to other people who had hits with those songs.

      • I can believe L.D may have mentioned the role of Cookie in a conversation he was having with Mo’nique but I do not believe it was out right offered to her. We all think we should possess or be offered something that we want but at some point, you need to move on. Mo’nique, move on.

      • Virginia on said:

        She’s embarrassing herself by crying over spilt milk. As I said in an earlier post, she needs to move on. And since she’s already been WAY to vocal by criticizing people who COULD hire her in the future, she needs to step back, and Shut Up for a time, and stop acting like a spoiled brat. As Steve says, “Act like a lady, think like a man.”

  24. redbone1954 on said:

    Why are we stll talking about this? Mo’nique you did not get the part so can we move on? I understand you and your husband have produced a movie let’s promote that good luck to you in the future let it go!!!!

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