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Last year during a holiday gathering, a neighbor shared that she was making a 4 hour drive in the morning for traffic court.

A month earlier she was given a speeding ticket in a rural county almost 300 miles away. Everyone was speechless until she explained that one more conviction on her driving record would cause her driver’s license to be suspended.

Her job as a district manager for a major medical supply company made her driver’s license essential to her livelihood. She paid the fine by mail for the two previous tickets because she thought it wasn’t worth her time to go to court.

Since three moving violation convictions within a 12 month period mandate a suspension, she was forced to contest this one.

Someone suggested that an attorney might be of some assistance.

Weeks later, I learned that she was able to retain a local attorney from that area. She received court supervision in lieu of suspension, provided she could go 90 days without another moving violation.

However, it still cost a 9-hour round trip drive and $1,400.00 ($400 in lawyer fees and a $1,000.00 in court fines).

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