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Funkmaster Flex has been integral part of the most recent Dipset reunion, but now he has his hopes set on reuniting another rap group. This one might surprise some fans.

The Fugees is another group that I’ve been working on,” Flex told HipHopWired.

Now while that seems like it isn’t too much to hang our hopes up, this wouldn’t be the first time we thought about the magic of a Fugees reunion. Here’s a timeline of other Fugees rumors that had us excited or sad throughout the years.

2004: The Fugees actually reunited. Wyclef Jean, Pras and Lauryn Hill put their differences aside and rocked a Block Party crowd in New York thanks to the great Dave Chappelle.

2005: The Fugees reunited again! This time, the trio took over the BET Awards.

2006: Wyclef told AOL that the Fugees were working on making this reunion an album. “It’s moving like a turtle, but it’s definitely moving,”

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Paul Natkin

[ione_image_credit width=”1024″ caption=”1″ align=”aligncenter” text=”Getty”][/ione_image_credit]2007: Pras shot our hopes down with some less-than flattering words for Lauryn Hill during an interview with AllHipHop. “Before I work with Lauryn Hill again, you will have a better chance of seeing Osama Bin Laden and [George W.] Bush in Starbucks having a latte, discussing foreign policies, before there will be a Fugees reunion,” Pras said. “At this point I really think it will take an act of God to change her, because she is that far out there.”

Rolling StoneVerizon Wireless Pre-GRAMMY Concert with The Fugees

Jason Merritt

[ione_image_credit width=”1024″ caption=”1″ align=”aligncenter” text=”Getty”][/ione_image_credit]2009: Wyclef reportedly said the reunion would happen if Fugees members trusted him, but they didn’t. “The Fugees getting back together, the magic of it would have been the trust factor. They gotta be willing to put their career in my hands and I’ve got them. Which means like if I’m like do this in the studio you used to do it before, so why you don’t wanna do it now?”

Verizon Wireless V CAST Reunites the Fugees With Outdoor Concert on Hollywood and Vine

John Sciulli

[ione_image_credit width=”1024″ caption=”1″ align=”aligncenter” text=”Getty”][/ione_image_credit]2010: Wyclef once again knocked down our hopes for a Fugees reunion. When The Wall Street Journal asked him about the reunion, he said, “Not for five years.” Wait, that’s this year, now. Could Flex be onto something?

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David Wolff – Patrick

[ione_image_credit width=”1024″ caption=”1″ align=”aligncenter” text=”Getty”][/ione_image_credit]2011: Pras and Lauryn Hill got back together, but Wyclef wasn’t there. Still, two-thirds of the Fugees is something, right? Not to Clef. “It wasn’t really a reunion,” he told Us. “I had a concert, but I got the offer to come. Pras was at the crib, so I said, ‘Pras, Lauryn wants me at Rock The Bells and I can’t make it. So don’t you think you should just surprise her and pop up instead?’ So Pras shows up. And there’s two Fugees. Then they’re like, where’s the third? But that’s what happened.”

Photo of Fugees

David Corio

[ione_image_credit width=”1024″ caption=”1″ align=”aligncenter” text=”Getty”][/ione_image_credit]2014: Wyclef said he was still down for a reunion, you know, like the one he missed in 2011. “I always say, if big bands like the Rolling Stones can get together and rock out, then why not?” Wyclef told HuffPost Live. “I think the future allows itself for that. I’m all for that, 100 percent. I’m the No. 1 Fugees fan.”

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