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Graffiti laced walls, gritty surroundings and a group of African-American teens wearing dark clothing and hoodies is the perfect set-up for a misdirected stereotype. But instead, McDonald’s reminds us of that old cliché, “Things aren’t always what they seem”.

In a newly released commercial, the fast food giant depicts African-American teens transforming negative graffiti art into positive images that can uplift their community overnight. During the powerful scene, we watch the beautification occur over Marvin Gaye’s classic Inner City Blues while a voice narrates:

“The news can’t tell it because they don’t know what’s happening here. But I do. I see it everyday. People dreaming and achieving things that make them feel real and alive. The thing is, I don’t just live in this place, this place lives in me. When you’re deeply rooted in the community, you spread lovin’ where you live.”

Watch the commercial in its entirety below.

How do you spread lovin’ where you live? Let us know in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “McDonald’s ‘Good Things’ Commercial Reminds Us Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

  1. Love the commercial. It is a truer reflection of what goes on around communities with involved neighborhoods and youth. Who is responsible for the commercial? The newly resigned CEO?

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