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Sure it may seem like an unnecessary makeup item, but lip liner is more than just another item beauty companies try to sell. Lip liner really does have a necessary spot in your makeup arsenal. Lip liner is back, honey, and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon! With this sure-to-stay trend, lip liner is the add-on staple you can’t refuse.

Smudge No More

Lip liner creates boundaries…everyone likes those right?! The application of lip liner helps to significantly decrease color slippage. It acts like a barrier between your lips and your skin. If you want something that looks clean and simple, try finding a color that matches your lipstick!

Need a Matte, You Got It 

Matte is in baby! But finding that perfect color might be a toughie. No worries, just use your lip liner. You can line your lips, and then use the liner to fill them in. It’s like a 2-in-1 makeup phenomenon, and the best part is it doesn’t smudge!

Fuller Lips 

A simple lip liner application makes your lips appear plump by emphasizing the shape and creating definition.

You Won’t Have to Buy Many

Lip liners can be paired with many shades and colors of lipstick and gloss, so no need to run out and buy enough to match every color of the rainbow. It’s all in how it is blended. Practice a bit with several colors and you will see, lip liner is extremely versatile.



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