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Last week Dwyane Wade went buck defending his wife against disrespectful fans, now it’s Gabrielle Union’s turn to have her hubby’s back. Last night, former NBA player Charles Barkely gave his thoughts on Gabby’s man snagging a spot on this year’s All-Star team. The Miami Heat star will make his 11th consecutive trip to the All-Star game on Feb. 15 in New York. Barkley, who is a basketball analyst on TNT’s Inside the NBA, told his colleagues Ernie Johnson,  Kenny Smith, and Wade’s former teammate Shaquille O’Neal that D-Wade doesn’t deserve to be playing in the game.

Barkley stated:

Dwyane Wade shouldn’t have made the All-Star team. He is a Hall of Famer, but he didn’t deserve to be an All-Star this year. [Chris]Bosh has been the best player for Miami this year. Brandon Knight in Milwaukee, Brandon Jennings in Detroit or Kyle Korver in Atlanta should have been rewarded for having good seasons. This might be the only time Knight, Jennings or Korver have a chance to make the All-Star team. I always give the edge to guys who are winning. Dwyane Wade is not having an All-Star year.

Somehow, word got back to Gabrielle on what Sir Charles said, and she was quick to stick up for her man. The Being Mary Jane star fired back on Twitter saying:

Don’t hurt ‘em Gabby! Well, things didn’t stop there at least for Barkley. The retired pro heard all about Gabrielle’s comeback and wasn’t here for what she had to say. Barley retorted:

Well listen, first of all never mention you and Meryl Streep in the same sentence again. Meryl Streep would never be on Snakes On A Plane or Madea.

Dang Chuck, you had to go there!? While Smith explained to Barkley, Gabrielle was a good actress and not in Snakes On A Plane, the “round mound of rebound” wasn’t hearing any of it and continued on. Barkley remarked:

Well she could have been. I’ve seen her act, she could have been on Snakes On A Plane or Madea. She’s taking shots at me. She’s pretty, she’s very pretty. I’m not one of them people who’s going to turn the other cheek. You say something bad about me, I’m going to say something about you.

And that’s how he sees it kids! So far Gabby or Dwyane have yet to respond. We know Dwyane don’t play those games when it comes to his wife. Last week he was fined $15,000 for shooting the bird to fans who hurled insults to him about Gabrielle while playing against the Charlotte Hornets. Watch the entire segments below

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46 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union Reads Charles Barkely For Dissing D-Wade’s All Star Team Spot & Charles Responds!

  1. Gabrielle stop defending your man on social media. You’re a grow woman. 1. Your making him look like a b*tch, 2. Charles gets paid for his opinion, 3. You’re coming off ‘hood’, and 4. If Dwayne felt he was wrong, he would have just laughed it off.

    I guess there is some truth in what he said… hmmm!

  2. Crystal Slaughter on said:

    Charles Barkley get paid for his opinion. Gabby should have let that one in her thoughts. Let’s keep it Right, People!

  3. while i love watching inside the NBA charles does get on my nerve and i really hate to be on his side with this one, its his job to report baskeketball, GU is out of line for photo bombing at a game interview and for responding to this, she is just that a wife, not employed by the NBA shes making him look like a lil bitch to have to always comment when somebody speaks on him, he’s not having the best of year and somebody else I”m sure is much more deserving than Wade this yr, dont get me wrong love dwades game, but as a person him and her deserve each other lost alot of respect for him when he left his childhood sweetheart wife, and then took the kids and married a hollywood hoe, not cool 😦

  4. Charles Barkley can be really ignorant any time he’s not talking basketball so when it comes to his opinion on who should be in the All Star game he’s may be on point. What I would say to Gabrielle howeveris, I don’t think you want to go there with him. Charles is really good at dishing and his feeling don’t get hurt easily. Gabrielle leave it alone and stop while your ahead.

  5. Beeg1966 on said:

    Chuck put down Madea, I didn’t like that. I like Snake on a Plane, “Is Anyone else on this comment page sick of Charles Barkley?” In Samuel Jackson’s voice…

  6. Pansy Blackwell on said:

    Kay M, Gabby has let all that money she has go to her head. Money tend to have strange effects upon people, that, without it, wouldn’t have otherwise. If you know what I mean.

    • Nothin’ wrong with what Gab said she’s just defending her man. Another thing is, Wade is the most efficient among guards in the east (best in PER). He also leads on most points in 4th qtr IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE! He is better than bosh and is the best player in MIA. He is definitely playing an All-Star season. Might not be Flash-like, but can still produce great numbers even with shot knees (and hamstring).

  7. Ashley Y. on said:

    Charles is ignorant, First of all you came at gabby first. You disrespected her man on public media saying he basically isn’t good enough. Any female who is all about her man is going to say something. You take a jab at her husband you are basically coming at her. I guess that head shining too bright. Cause chunky chunk still thinks his opinion matters. Bruh, trying playing a few rounds now and lets see that back bail out. lmao

  8. Charles you need to retire because you always talk crap and no one likes to listen to your bad comments. Your prediction on any topic in sports is wrong. You need to step down. Or they should fire you immediately. You have no knowledge of basketball. Go retire and get lost

  9. Charles. You are a biggest looser. Shut up for your dirty comments and crap. DWade is a better player compared to you because you do not have the championship ring. And no way you will ever get won. DWade has won 4 rings and you have 0 ring. So stop talking about his wife or DWade. Because Wade is a all star product

    • Ashley Y. on said:

      Gabby is not a D-lister first of all and She not fighting her man’s “battles” she’s being a loyal wife. Something chunky Charles clearly doesn’t have. Any woman who believes her man is worth his weight in gold will defend him.

  10. Barkley needs to go back to elementary school because he slept through that part of his life. Learn some grammar and know when to speak and when to keep that slushy mouth closed, hate to hear him speak, make one feel so bad for his DUMB and DUMBER self.

  11. Davidr23 on said:

    A few comments:

    1) She should consider tightening up her grammar skills before blasting someone. “I ain’t won nothin” … Really? Way to sound eloquent.

    2) Wade needs to put her in check because it’s starting to look like the chump on the playground whose girlfriend makes sure the bullies don’t snatch his lunch money.

    3) I’m kind of wondering what the backlash would be if there was a website titled WhiteAmericaWeb. I suspect the NAACP would rally to have it removed within five minutes.

    • I am too tired of people complaining about something that is geared towards Black people. The reason we have Black America “this” and “that” is because we were not included in white America so we created our own and now you want us to get rid of it. Deal with it because we have been dealing with it for a long time and continue to deal with it today. The difference is that we do include any and all people unlike the strictly white media of yesterday.

    • Talk about grammar – Who starts a sentence with “I’m kind of wondering——. That certainly is not eloquent. When you complain about others-remember there is always someone complaining about you!

    • Nobody’s required to speak “eloquently” on twitter SMH. Wade doesn’t need to put her wife on check because Gab can handle herself and has a mind of her own. Wade doesn’t care about what Chuck says, he’s been bad mouthing Dwyane for quite some time now while Wade keeps on winning.

  12. Maybe it is because I am a huge Wade fan, but although this season has been injury plagued, he is still averaging more points than the players listed by charles

  13. specialt757 on said:

    I’m not a Barkley fan, but he is on point, Wade has not been an all-star player in years, I mean years. When L. James was with the Heat, he carried Wade’s ass. Give it up homeboy you’re done. Far as Ms. Union’s “come back” its good she has her man’s back (I’m more than okay with that) but if you can dish it be able to take it. From what I know of Barkley he’s not afraid to say exactly what’s on his mind and this was related to basketball which he knows a lot about.

    • That only proves that you know nothing about Basketball. Lebron didn’t carry the Heat, the HEAT carried the HEAT. It’s a team sport! Wade has been the secondary guy while Lebron was on there. Lebron never won anything in CLE while Wade won 1 without Lebron.

      And they’re talking about All-Star THIS SEASON, which Wade has been posting better stats than any of those Charles mentioned. Wade has the best PER among guards in the East, leads in 4th qtr. points in the entire league and is still posting All-star stats even with shot knees.

      • specialt757 on said:

        baphi seems like you’re riding Wade’s jock, who are you his hype man or woman…oh wait is this you Gabrielle?

  14. Timekeeeper on said:

    It is never a good idea for a wife ( or husband) to lose it over media comments, it is a losing battle. It would be different if Charles had said something personal, but this is sports.

  15. Bigpac on said:

    Don’t always agree wit Barkley . But he’s right ,gab can’t act just a pretty face(Mary Jane show is trash) plus she don’t know anything about basket ball. D wade in cause his name not his game this year.

    • Gab knows that Wade has better stats than any of those guards Charles mentioned, has better PER and is the best player in MIA, not Bosh. Just proves how you know nothing about Wade, be quiet.

  16. I am a Dwayne Wade fan but I agree with Charles. Those who play well for the year should be rewarded with a trip to the All Star Games.

    • Then you’re a Wade fan who doesn’t know much about Wade. He is posting better numbers compared to any of the guards Charles mentioned. And he is better than Bosh, Wade is the best player in MIA.

    • His JOB is to discuss and opine on all things basketball!!! Unless he does something personally stupid, TNT will NEVER get rid of him. He is great for ratings AND his opinion, for the most part, proves to be correct!

      • Charles knows basketball but on any other subject – HE IS A TOTAL IMBECILE. We see he didn’t learn anything when he went to college. His head was totally on the basketball and nothing else. People (white) just love seeing the ignorant Black making an a$$ out of himself. That’s is why he will continue to be on television because he is an insult to the word intelligence.

  17. Reblogged this on Theblackfashionista and commented:
    Oh no he didn’t….Charles needs to sit down somewhere and he needs to take his light-skin one drop Black conservative pal Stacey ( Dash ) with him….Funk dat…I’m still mad over his slavery comments-and I really wish Gabby would have got on his ass for that too!

    • Shelly on said:

      Hey, if she can dish it, then she needs to be able to take it. Gabrielle Union is not a very nice person and sorry, but in my opinion, Charles was right. She needs to keep her mouth shut.

      • specialt757 on said:

        I saw a show on OWN with Ms. Union and some “great” black actresses about a year or more ago, I wasn’t a fan before and seeing her on this show didn’t help. She is beautiful no doubt, but not a very pleasant person.

      • Ashley Y. on said:

        First of all Shelly, She shouldn’t have to keep anything shut. If this was your husband and someone was disrespecting him on social media would you sit there and not say anything? Gabby is doing what any loyal wife would do. There’s nothing to dish or be dished out. Charles always has something to say because is trying to make himself relevant. Which he isn’t.

      • It’s her right to post something on Twitter, LOL! She’s defending her husband because she has a point; Wade should be an All-Star starter if not for Drake and Biebs who rallied all of Canada to vote for Kyle Lowry, a guy who won All-star not ’cause he’s better than Wade but because he’s more popular in Canada.
        Wade has better stats than any of the guards in the East. He has the most points in clutch quarter in the ENTIRE LEAGUE. He is playing more efficient basketball among all East guards even if his knees are acting up. He is better than bosh and is the best player in MIA. It’s funny how people know nothing about certain things and spews on opinions that are based on hype, exactly like Charles.

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