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Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer doesn’t get the uproar many are feeling surrounding Selma director Ana DuVernay being overlooked for a Best Director Academy-Award nomination and David Oyelowo failing to get a Best Actor nod. According to Octavia, the film wasn’t subbed at all. The Academy’s voting panel has received tons of backlash over Ana and Oyelowo being shut out for the upcoming Oscars, and  was accused for the lack of diversity it had with the current nominees. While Octavia was promoting her latest film, Black or White, the 2012 Best Supporting Oscar winner weighed in on the situation with

According to Octavia:

I don’t understand what that’s about. The film was not overlooked. It received a Best Picture and a Best Song nomination. It is what it is. I’m thrilled for everyone that has received a nomination though, it’s hard to get trust me.

At least Octavia’s not claiming Hollwyood’s od’ing over matters surrounding race. Octavia’s Black or White co-star Anthony Mackie charged last week, Tinsel Town was fatigued with race and that may be the reason why Selma didn’t rack up nominations..Mackie stated:

People are just tired of being bombarded with race right now. So everybody is shying away from certain topics and certain movies.



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