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Unsung, one of the most popular music documentary shows ever, is back for another season of profiles of musicians who didn’t get their just due. Unsung was just nominated for a NAACP Image Award in The News/Information category.

The new season kicks off with Rick James, the Motown funkmaster whose personal life overshadowed his musical accomplishments.

But what could Unsung find out about James that his own now infamous VH1 Behind the Music documentary didn’t already reveal?

“You know what it’s really consistent with what we already know but the good thing about Unsung is that you can hear it from people who have firsthand knowledge,” says D’Angela Proctor, Senior V.P. of Programming and Production for TV One.

“That’s what most exciting about this season of Unsung. So just tune in.”

Prince opened up for James, according to Mike Epps and J. Anthony Brown. Brown says that after seeing the Rick James Unsung, he learned more about how generous James was.

“We definitely show the unsung part of our artists instead of just showing the bad stuff. So instead of the part that we know about Rick James – that cocaine is a hell of a drug- we get into the person,” says Proctor.

Unsung: Rick James airs on Wednesday, January 14, at  8 p.m. on TV One.


(Photo: Classic Motown)

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