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Happy New Year! 2014 is finally behind us and 2015 is a gift, allowing us to start anew. Regardless of what happened in 2014, whether you fell on your face and completely failed at a goal you were trying to accomplish, the good news about falling is that it leaves you no choice but to look up. Some folks are embarrassed because they feel like they should be further along, but the shame is not in the falling. The solution to your shame is to use it to your advantage. You’ve learned something about yourself and you’ve learned what you’re made of. And so the fact that you’re here means you count. We all fall. Now it’s time to get repaired. Fall up!

How do you fall up?

When you fall, first, review the damage. If you’ve been cut, you have to clean out your wound. When you’ve fallen in life, apply the healing balm of God, which allows Him to work on your wound. Like your mother, who knows about your whole body, when God knows you’re hurting, He knows how to give you the healing balm you need. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still hurt, but that it will be ok. The beauty of the fall is that the next time you can see it coming, you know more. You know what you’re made of. Don’t over or underestimate yourself because of an experience. Don’t judge yourself for falling. Like when riding a bike, you have to fall several times before you get the rhythm. Use your resilience. Eventually, you will fly. This year, you know more than you did last year. Be honest about what happened.

Lastly, I’ve come up with an acronym to help you remember what to do when you fall:

F-have fortitude: Use your mental and emotional strength when facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously

A– acceptance of and owning what happened: Let go of excuses and take responsibility for results.

L-learn from your fall: When something trips you up, you know the signs. That’s the beauty of falling. You have a better sense of what you can and can’t handle. You learn about your capacity. You don’t really know yourself until you’ve experienced things.

L– let it go: Free yourself from the weight that’s holding you down.

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