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”RHOA” star NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak patched up old wounds with one another. They’ve rekindled their friendship and announced it on Andy Cohen‘s “Watch What Happens Next.”

“I would say time, time ends wounds and with time, we kinda healed,” Leakes revealed about fixing her relationship with Zolciak through time.

Although Leakes was able to mend her friendship with Zolciak. Other former friendships are hopeless. She has no intention of ever being Cynthia Bailey‘s friend again.

“I say I will never be friends with Cynthia again…I never will and this is the truth. Let me just explain that. First of all, Cynthia and my relationship was very different than my relationship with Kim. Cynthia and I talked all the time, we spent holidays together.”

She added, “we were at each other’s home’s all the time. Kim and I weren’t like that. I wasn’t talking to Kim 7 and 10 times a day…I feel like Cynthia is making it seem like I really did something to her.”

Leakes said she didn’t do anything so horrible to Bailey for her to act like that on the show. She wants Bailey to get a new storyline.

“When I watch the show, I’m thinking, ‘Did I do something so horrible with someone you’ve really been good friends with?’ And the way she’s changed. I mean, Anna Mae needs to get a new storyline,” she said.

And as for the other “housewife” Leakes doesn’t like, she refused to go into too many details about her beef with Kenya Moore. But she did mention how Moore will never be relevant to her circle.

“I’m sure she wants us to discuss her but we’re not…On to the next question! When I feel like it, just like when she felt like it.,” Leakes said.

She added, “it took her 10 months to cough it up — she just want us to talk about her and we’re not. Girl you’re not a part of this circle, never will be.”

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