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Let’s FACE it, the right makeup can dramatically enhance our everyday beauty. I am in no way condoning that anyone feel obligated to cover up their beautiful imperfections, but if you were wondering how, these tricks can definitely help bring focus to the more desirable portions of your face.

Strategically highlighting your face is a trending makeup trick that is guaranteed to be here to stay! Focus on the brow and cheekbone areas is the typical way that most of us makeup lovers utilize highlighting, but what if I told you there are even more ways you can maximize this method?

Try this mini lesson to easily accentuate your positives.

  1. Using your favorite foundation, lightly brush it all over your face. Use a brush, as it does the best job of blending while efficiently not wasting product.
  2. Take a concealer that is 2-3 shade lighter than your natural skin complexion and create an upside down triangle-like shape underneath the eyes, draw a thin rectangle down the bridge of the nose and up into another upside down triangle between the brows, trace the highlighter under and above the brow bone, place the foundation lightly above the skin on your “cupids bow”, and lastly place foundation in the center bottom portion of your chin.
  3. Take a darker foundation or non-shimmery bronzer (2-3 shades darker) and brush it on your inner cheek below the bone, under the chin, around the hairline, around the bridge of the nose and in the inner portion of the eye near the beginning of your brows.
  4. Take a foundation that is a shade lighter than the last foundation and fill in the areas that you see fit for any additional dimension you would like to bring to your face.
  5. Using a clean brush and blender sponge, begin lightly blending all the shades together without mixing them to much. Take your time, as this is the most important part of the routine. Seamless blending will make for a much better outcome.

Take a look at my Before, During and After photos below:

E makeup highlight pic

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