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Back in 1975, the National Association of Black Journalists was founded on this day in Washington, D.C.. Today, the NABJ is the largest organization representing journalists of color in the United States.

The first NABJ Founders meeting took place at the Sheraton Park Hotel and featured 44 men and women journalists across a variety of mediums, including national and prominent newspapers, magazines, radio and television outlets.

A good number of the NABJ’s founding group are still alive and working in the field, and they can all be found on the group’s website.

In 1990, Hampton University professor and journalist Wayne Dawkins undertook a research project to locate all of the NABJ’s founders. After some difficulty, Dawkins was able to gather all of the names in what became a passion project for the NABJ faculty adviser.

The NABJ’s first President was Tuskegee Airman and legendary newsman Chuck Stone. Stone served in the post for two years. Today, Gregory Lee, Jr. serves in the President’s post and has done so since 2011.

Today, the NABJ boasts a membership number of 4,100. The association’s national headquarters is located on the main campus of the University of Maryland in College Park.

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