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This post was inspired by a curious beauty out there. She asked the following question:  I have hair above my upper lip. What’s the best way to get rid of this? Should I wax it? Will it grow back thicker? 

Yes it’s November, the month than many men go on a no shaving strike, but that doesn’t mean that you ladies want to rock a mustache, too. For many women, having hair on their upper lip is more than just a tiresome issue, it’s embarrassing!

According to  Anna A. Bar, M.D., a dermatologist from Oregon Health and Science University, “there are many new and improved at-home products and treatments that make hair removal more effective and less painful.” But keep in mind, these comes with both its pros and cons.

Is it a myth that removing the unwanted hair will cause it to grow in coarser? 

Well apparently this is not a very well studied topic. Though there is some research out there that would support both sides of this issue, there is none that has found substantial concrete reasoning for either.

Some of the studies suggest that the removal of the hair causes trauma to the follicles, which in some cases causes the hair to convert to thicker, darker strands, and in others decreases the hair growth. Others suggest that hair texture can only be influenced by hormonal factors.

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