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Toni Braxton is cracking the whip on her ex-husband Keri Lewis with a lawsuit demanding the court to find him in contempt for failing to pay child support for their two children.

Braxton filed the child support contempt lawsuit against Lewis on October 31st in Georgia court. At the heart of the case is support Lewis is to pay Braxton for their kids, Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis and Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis.

Braxton’s bankruptcy documents reveal that she’s supposed to receive $2,000 a month from Lewis for support for the children reports The singer’s child support contempt lawsuit reportedly seeks to have a court order find that Lewis has not been paying the ordered support as well as have a order to get the back child support paid immediately.

Braxton’s lawsuit comes more than a year after she separated from Lewis in July 2013. The couple were together for 12 years after being married in 1998.

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4 thoughts on “Toni Braxton Files Child Support Lawsuit Against Ex-Husband Keri Lewis

  1. This should of been set up in the first place. Take care of your kids. Why should America care about this issue anyway. Its plenty of dead beat parents and the world won’t do anything about it. They want to talk about Kim (slut ball) and Kenya (Crazy like the glue)? Foolishness.

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