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From all the back and forth between Tasha Smith and her estranged husband Keith Douglas, it seems the pair are headed to court to put an end to their marital strife.

According to an anonymous source, that is the case as that person expects Douglas and Smith to go to court later this month. The move comes amid reports of a restraining order Douglas filed against Smith a few weeks ago. Sources with Sister 2 Sister stated that Douglas filed the restraining order for protection from Thomas, who they say becomes violent when drinking.

Friends and those close to Smith dispute Douglas’ version as they labeled him a “fraud” and “liar.” The sources go on to counter rumors of Smith’s alleged violence, saying Douglas is an expert in karate and the notion of Smith physically hurting him is highly unlikely. Despite being known for playing an angry, volatile black woman on TV, Smith’s friends state that she is far from that in real life. So much so that those close to the entertainer reveal that she’s had to protect herself from Douglas.

“She’s had to barricade herself in her room. She’s had to hire security,” one source admitted. Regarding talk of Smith abusing alcohol, the sources mentioned how they have never seen her drunk, despite people seeing her host and drink. The sources further noted that Smith hosts friends all the time and loves to cook and entertain as well as host parties for celebrities on a regular basis.

“I’ve never seen her get violent, and she’s always sipping on wine,” said the anonymous source.

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