If you are serious about your bath time, then you will want to read on. Taking a bath is always a great way to relax and refresh, and in the winter it’s a perfect way to restore skin after facing cold, harsh elements daily. For an elevated bath experience, try formulating your own bath salts for a sure treat!


  • 2 cups of Epsom salt: A mild pain and itch reliever, Epsom salt is great for releasing impurities form the body
  • 2 teaspoons fruit/vegetable oil: Jojoba, almond, olive, apricot, or grapeseed are all great options, but you could use almond, olive, apricot
  • 5–10 drops of  essential oil: Tuberose, sandalwood, lavender, eucalyptus are good for this
  • 1/4 cup sea salt: The salt gives the water a silk-like texture and softens the skin
  • Glass jar with a lid

Optional: If you would like to tint your salts you can use a few drops of liquid food coloring. Blue or purple are common choices.


1: Mix all the ingredients together with a fork, making sure to break up clumps.

2: Sniff, sniff and sniff some more – enjoy the aromatherapy.

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