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Success in the fast-changing landscape of the modern workforce requires proper, ongoing education and training amid a talent pool that is increasingly diverse, tech-savvy, global-minded and entrepreneurial. However aspirational and talented today’s workface may be, employment demand often exceeds supply, making competition for jobs stiff and increasing hiring/candidate qualification standards in kind.

In fact, by 2020, it is expected that fully 65 percent of job openings will require a college or an associate’s degree, while 35 percent will require a bachelor’s degree. Even so, having a college education or being exceptional at what you do will no longer suffice when you need to stand out from the crowd. Continued specialized education and training will, however, help success-minded professionals break through career stagnation barriers and successfully realize growth opportunities.

According to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, demand for continuing education for adults aged 35 or older will continue to grow through 2016. Despite compressed national median family income and claims that higher education might be over-promising and under-delivering, the underlying value proposition for continuing education persists.

The T.D. Jakes School of Leadership (TDJ-SOL), instituted by Regent University’s Professional & Continuing Education division (PCE) and championed by esteemed education authority Dr. Steve Perry, have joined forces with key industry leaders and field experts to offer fully accredited, industry-focused curriculums comprised of online business/leadership institutes and specialized certificate programs designed for professionals, emerging and established leaders, knowledge workers in transition and retirees striving to “chart a course” for the next phase of their lives.

TDJ-SOL’s world-class courses and programs, including The Women’s Leadership Institute and The Daymond John Certificate of Entrepreneurship—marketing classes taught by ABC-TV Shark Tank star Daymond John, himself, are expertly engineered for adult learners seeking concentrated continuing education opportunities that will help them grow and excel in their professional and personal development.

The Women’s Leadership Institute

It’s been proven that women in leadership roles can have a beneficial impact on business bottom lines, however many find themselves struggling to be effective in senior levels of leadership. TDJ-SOL’s Women’s Leadership Institute is a transformational, intensive leadership program that helps women refine effective leadership behaviors and competencies that will help them excel in the workplace.

“More and more corporations recognize that gender diversity is good for business,” said Perry. “There is clear evidence that companies that are intentional about recruiting and retaining women, and then promoting them to top positions, experience superior business results, including increased profitability.”

Studies also reveal minority women in entrepreneurship is on the rise. According to a report released last year (August 2013) by the Center for Women’s Business Research, Hispanic and African-American women are the fastest growing entrepreneurial segments in the country, growing at rates of 133.3 percent and 191.4 percent, respectively, from 1997 to 2007.

Further, studies show that African American and Hispanic women are three to five times more likely to start a business than their white counterparts. Combined, they represent more than two million of the roughly eight million women-owned businesses in the country and more than $14 billion in gross receipts.

The Daymond John Certificate of Entrepreneurship

Led by ABC-TV Shark Tank star Daymond John, this TDJ-SOL certificate program is for aspiring entrepreneurs, junior and mid-level managers, and anyone seeking practical business skills like identifying market trends, introducing a product or service that is in-demand, and strategies to structure and grow a business. This program promotes a greater understanding of entrepreneurial business management and the keys to successful business practice.

Among other outcomes, students learn what it takes to lead a sustainable business into the future; how to be an effective manager; building cash-flow, profit-loss statements, and balance sheets; balancing objectives for expansion, new ventures or projects with quality and risks; and developing, introducing, and presenting ideas to management or investors.

The courses and programs at the TDJ-SOL include high performance sales training, project management, world class consulting and accounting and financial management. Additional programs include digital media, K-12 cultural diversity, homeland security, paralegal studies, pastoral/worship leadership, and traumatology.

“For many adults, continuing education is an opportunity to increase their knowledge, information, or skills in an effort to either ensure greater success in the workplace, expand their basic skills, or receive credentials—and ultimately to enrich the quality of their lives,” notes Dr. Perry.

“The T.D. Jakes School of Leadership is an exciting distance learning option that makes quality educational tools accessible and affordable to adults seeking to establish or advance their careers at any age or stage of their lives or professional standing. Whether someone wants to change or accelerate their career, the most sound investment will always be in them self in order to achieve their full potential.”

For more information on the various program, institute and certificate offerings, visit here. 

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