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Leaving the White House doesn’t necessarily mean you’re completely done trying to make the world a better place, if you ask Bill Clinton.

The former president will be making a stop by “The Queen Latifah Show” on Friday to discuss what he’s been up to with The Clinton Foundation. Through the non-profit organization, he aims to improve health security and economic empowerment for the underprivileged. The foundation also encourages and facilitates leadership development and citizen service as well ethnic reconciliation.

That’s a lot of responsibility for anyone to take, but nothing that Bill isn’t accustomed to having been the leader of the free world. Now that he’s out of office, one might assume that life is easier for him. As he told Queen Latifah, that’s not necessarily true.

“I would say yes and no,” Bill started. “Being president, you have the power to effect change, but there are always more things standing in the way. … You’re also at the mercy of the headlines.”

He continued, “When you’re president, you have to do what you promised voters you would do, deal with the incoming fire and then look around the corner to try to leave the future better off.”

Bill explained that although he still has a lot of pull now that he’s out of office, there’s really no trump card like being the president. “When you’re an ex-president, you have far less power, but you can concentrate influence and effort and experience,” he said. “If you work it, you can have a really big impact.”

Tune for “The Queen Latifah Show” tomorrow to see what the former president has to say about 2016 (his wife, Hillary Clinton, may be running for president herself), and what he loves about his new granddaughter.

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One thought on “Bill Clinton Talks Life As An Ex-President On ‘The Queen Latifah Show’ [VIDEO]

  1. I can’t stand Bubba nor his wife!!!!!

    The Clinton’s showed their true colors when Barack H Obama ran for President against Hilliary. First Bill made the comment about a Black man becoming president is a “fairy tale.”–well it looks like that fairy tale did COME TRUE.

    Hilliary refused to step aside until the last minute leading up to the 2008 Democratic convention because she did not wish to admit defeat at the hands of a person of color!

    I hope that Black folks remember all of this when they run out and cast their votes for Hill should she run again in 2016.

    I wouldn’t vote for this b if she was running for dog catcher!!!!!!!!!!!!

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