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Scandal is on and poppin’ in Season 4. As Olivia Pope, actress Kerry Washington is embroiled in most of them. So what happens when she’s not working and she’s just out and about trying to live her life?

“I once had a woman tell me that she wouldn’t let me on the plane if I promised that I wouldn’t cheat on the President,” Washington said. “I told her I don’t write the show and that the President is married.”

It must be easy to get real-life Kerry confused with her character because Washington is so convincing in the role. Although she’s been nominated for an Emmy, its her castmate, Joe Morton, who plays her father, whose already won for Scandal. He picked up an Emmy earlier this year as Outstanding Guest Actor. Washington says that working with him makes her use all the skills in her acting toolkit.

“He’s amazing,” says Washington. “He’s the first person when I found out that he was going to be a guest star I called my parents because I was so excited and proud. And I didn’t even know then he was going to become my dad. That was a complete surprise to me. He knew it but I didn’t. Joe comes on set completely prepared and rarely do we have to do it more than once.  A lot of times we do it more than once for different camera angles, but when he comes to work to really go to work.”

As the “winter break” approaches, and Scandal junkies have to wait a few weeks after the holidays until the show starts up again, Washington can’t say much. But what she does say is stay tuned, especially to the finale before the break.

“The finale is shocking. When we turned the final page for the episode, I looked at Shonda and said ‘Are you serious?’ Are we really doing that? Are you for real right now?’ Its pretty crazy. It’s really good. It’s scary.”

Will Harrison, played by the controversial actor Columbus Short, ever return to the show? Washington says that a question best directed to show creator Shonda Rhimes, but that the finale will in some way deal with the death of President Grant’s son and what happened to Harrison. (Rhimes has gone on record at the beginning of this season to say that Harrison was really, really dead, but things can change in TV land, as we all know.)

As tomorrow is Election Day, Washington, a longtime activist who has campaigned for Obama, says its truly important to get out and vote this year.

“I’ve been thinking about how we can get the information to people about how we can get the information to people so that they feel more passionate about voting. These midterm elections are so important and we’re in danger if we don’t show up for these mid-terms like we do for presidential elections. It’s really important that we show up at the polls.”

Listen to the whole interview to find out why Washington was especially aggressive when she delivered her instantly famous line about the weapons she possesses to her father at the pool.

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