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Wait a minute everybody, an old player is making their comeback, so lip gloss move on over! Red lipstick is making one serious comeback and the trend suggest that it is here to stay.

If you were ever the type to view lipstick as old fashioned and reminiscent of your grandma’s lipstick-stained teeth, be ready to have your mind changed.

I mean, who really LOVES that sticky, icky gloss anyway? Lipstick can be incredibly versatile, giving you a look that will meet the needs of any woman’s style or mood. The important piece here is finding the correct shade of red that will look perfect on you! If you were ever secretly interested in trying a merlot red or it’s-so-red-it’s-almost-black shade of lipstick, here is your chance!

The Beginner

A lip crayon such as Clinique Chubby Sticks in Chunky Cherry is a great inexpensive option at lipstick. The great part about these types of color applicators is that they combine the benefits of both gloss, lip balm and lipstick. This is a baby step toward a true lipstick. It will give you an idea of the consistency, while you are preparing yourself to take the next step!

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The Semi-Pro 

If you are ready to take your next shot at a red lipstick a great second go round would be with Lipstick Queen Medieval Sheer Red Lipstick. This color gives you a sheer lip with a light hue of red. It won’t make you feel like you’ve completely abandoned your gloss, as it gives you a bit of glimmer, but also the red glam. The great part about this lipstick is with additional applications you can determine how sheer or how deep you’d like the color to be on your lips!

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