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The question is, should people, mainly healthcare workers who have worked closely with Ebola patients in West Africa, be made to go into quarantine when they return here to the United States?

One nurse, Kaci Hickox, who flew back just last weekend says no way!

And she has threatened to sue two states already who tried to force her to do it.

First the state of New Jersey. When Hickox returned to Newark Airport after treating Ebola patients in West Africa, she was detained on mandatory quarantine orders from Governor Chris Christie.

Christie didn’t take kindly to her comments.

When a CDC-ordered test at the airport showed Hickox had an elevated temperature, she was placed in an isolation tent outside a New Jersey hospital, which according to her, had no heat and a box for a toilet.

She hired a lawyer, threatened to sue and soon after was released and driven to her home state of Maine, where she is now promising to defy its mandatory 21-quarantine policy and sue if she has to.

Yesterday I asked NBC News freelance photographer Ashoka Mukpo about the controversy.

He survived Ebola after being rushed back here from West Africa earlier this month.

Though Mukpo says science supports the nurse, he also believes that people like himself who have worked closely with Ebola patients in hot zones, must be aware of public perception and fear.

He told me he got in a car to go to a festival last weekend but when he got there he thought better of it and told his friends to take him home.

He’s not even a healthcare worker,  but it sounds like the nurse could use a lesson in humility from him.

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14 thoughts on “Don Lemon Says Nurse Who Treated Ebola Patients Should Stop Scaring People

  1. SlaveMasa on said:

    Better yet close the borders and keep them bush boogie jbuns in Apefrica where they belong. But that would not suit Down Low Don’s racist agenda. if that nurse was a sheboon, Down Low Don would be screaming that quarantines be all rayciss and sheeeit.

  2. tashawn on said:

    Mr. Lemon has 0 cred, 21 day quar. for most on this blog is like goin ta county with no book money how can anyone listen to someone who packs fudge?

  3. decpanthers on said:

    Don my man I see you was afraid to use these 3 words, “female white privilege”. That is how she can do what she wants to do.

  4. People need to have a glass of calm the h*ll down. One can only contract ebola from bodily fluids. It is not airborne. People need to stop relying on their fears and start trusting what the doctors and healthcare professionals are telling them. If this thing were airborne many more people would be sick and frankly, as someone pointed out we have had doctors and nurses going to these affected areas for years and no one has come back yet and spread the disease. We have only had one person die of this disease in the US. ONE PERSON. Do you know how many people have died of the flu so far this year? Probably about 50k, and that is airborne. Stop treating these nurses and doctors like pariahs. They are brave and the last thing a healthcare professional wants to do is make other people sick.

  5. Donald West on said:

    I agree with the nurse. I think that it is the media that is spreading the fear. We have been sending doctors and other health care professionals to Africa for years to assist with taming the ebola virus – that has been happening in that country. Now, that the media has finally made note of it, it’s become a big deal for our country. I would not have my rights trampled on because of public fear. How many times have we seen that happen in this country? We have to depend on what’s been proven by science and not by politicians and others who have no idea of what they’re speaking. It just infuriates me that we tend to want people to give up their rights to support the beliefs of the majority.

    The response to ebola reminds me of when the AIDS epidemic hit and we were treating people the same way. However, it was only when it started impacting heterosexuals in the US that we decided that we really need to invest into curing this virus. Before that, there were the same calls to oust gay people from communities and funeral homes even refused to bury the bodies. We need to stop operating on fear and ignorance and the media needs to stop perpetuating that.

  6. Okay, am I missing something? Where is the rest of this article. The title clearly states the nurse was scaring people; but the body of the article doesn’t tell me much. Maybe Don Lemon has simplified the article for his audience. :(. I know Don Lemon writes better than this!

  7. Timekeeper on said:

    Under the current circumstances, a 21 day quarantine isn’t such a bad idea. If this is going to happen though, they shold at least try to make the accommodations a bit more appealing. I really think what this nurse objected too so much is the way Fat Fatty Chris Christie tried to manhandle the situation. He is a big fat bully who doesn’t respect anybody or anything ( Except a bag of cookies) So I think his politicizing the issue got the better of her. I agree, she may need to settle down, but I get it. When somebody like Chrisite pushes up against you, Dog, that hurts!

  8. Michele Wheeler on said:

    I hear you Cassandra! It should be the medical communitee’s duty to take extra precautions especially in lieu of the fact that there are so many unknowns about the disease. This Nurse is being a jerk and if and when she actually tests positive, which can still occur, all the public may get is I’m sorry! UNACCEPTABLE!!!

  9. All this woman needs to do is go along with the 21 day quarantine-how simple is that?

    People need to stop being ignorant regarding how this virus is spread-you can’t get it by sneezing or coughing on someone-only from coming in contact with ones bodily secretions.

  10. Cassandra on said:

    Why don’t the people who come back from Africa get flown into the same state? If you could get everyone in the same place would make me feel better.

    • Because Africa is a continent and not a country and not every country is affected with Ebola. Three countries out of more than 50 are affected. That is like saying everyone from Asia should arrive in one airport, but to you Asia is probably just China. Read a book today, so you can stop asking or making ignorant comments/questions. please

    • and what state would that be??? Really that would make you feel better even if it was your state?? Why we at it why don’t we just add all muslims, asians, australians, russians and folks with 12 toes to that list. SMH

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