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Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood is up to its seventh episode of the season! The show began in extreme tmi fashion with Omarion and Apryl discussing their relationship and upcoming birth of their son. The former B2k star explains the conversation he had with his mother and that she should be coming to apologize very soon. The MMG crooner pretty much prepped the viewers for a very awkward exchange between the two women that was sure to come within the 60-minute VH-1 time-slot.

We then move along to a recording session with Teirra Marie, who didn’t do too well the last time she put a microphone to her mouth — no pun intended. The R&B singer is seen recording a new record that Yung Berg is producing for her, and seems to be a pretty good song. The two exchange gratitude and good vibes while Berg begins to clearly plot on his next move — getting the draws! After moving passed the creeplife segment, the show jumps to an interesting portion courtesy of Soulja Boy and Nia. The young couple have been discussing cohabitation, which would require a formal meeting between Nia’s father Teddy Riley and the former ringtone rapper. The sit down plays out in typical ‘father meeting the boyfriend for the first time’ fashion, with plenty of piercing stares and heavy grilling.

But alas, the “turn-up” portion of the show has arrived. The not-as-turnt-up version of Ray J officially disappeared in this episode, with the singer clearly still upset about the situation with Yesi and Morgan. Storming into the Power 106 radio station, Brandy’s little brother flew off the handle and needed to be escorted out by security. The unraveling continued, as the reality star was then arrested for some very drunken belligerent behavior. This all of course leads to a meeting between him and Teirra, who expressed her concern for his well-being to Ray’s manager. The meeting between the former couple went as smooth as sand paper, baby!

And not to be outdone, we have the always entertaining ‘situationship’ between Yung Berg and Hazel-E. In the last episode, we saw an exchange between the two that ended with the rapper-turned-producer stating that he’d send her some beats to work on. In the beginning of this week’s version, we actually see Hazel in the studio recording to one of said beats. Of course, she’s making a song that has to do with their “relationship”. And as you can imagine, a meeting happened between the two to discuss the song, which the aspiring rapper decided to play for her on-again-off-again boyfriend…or whatever. What followed at the conclusion of the song was some of the realest dialogue ever spoken on reality television.


Check this week’s version of “realness” below.



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