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Tatyana Ali felt excluded growing up as a black girl since she had longer hair compared to other young girls — sensing as though she was different and flawed.

“It’s funny, when I was younger, it was something that set me apart, and not necessarily in a good way, from other girls that I knew. Not that I was made fun [of] but it felt like I was made to seem different. It’s interesting, the thing you think is a flaw,” Ali told Vlad TV.

Ali wished Chris Rock would’ve interviewed her for his comedy-documentary “Good Hair.” She wished she could’ve told the opposite side of the story of how having “good hair” in the black community can be damaging as well.

“When Chris Rock did Good Hair, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, he should have interviewed me,’” she continued. “Because I feel like there’s one side of the story, which he told really, really well. But then there’s the other side of the story.”

She added, “it’s boys and girls sometimes. You know you have, like, a group of cousins playing and you separate the children that way, you’re doing as much damage to the child you’re calling out for having ‘good hair’ as you are [the others] — because you’re creating this separation that’s not true.”

Ali grew up wishing she had hair like the rest of her family — instead of standing out for her long locks. She wanted her hair to be twisted out like her mother’s hair.

“I grew up wanting to be able to twist my hair and wear my hair like my mom did and my aunts did. Because I wanted to be like them, I didn’t want to be different. [Just that term ‘good hair’] is crazy,” she said. “Caribbean people do it even worse. They’ll say crazy things like, ‘Oh yeah, she’s so dark but she has good hair.’”

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6 thoughts on “Tatyana Ali Talks Being Excluded for Having ‘Good Hair’

  1. Beautiful Black 4C on said:

    Well said Ms.Ali, there’s more than one side or point of view to every story. Maybe you could work with Chris Rock on a sequel to “Good Hair”

  2. Ms. Ali is full of shit. Ive never heard a Black female in my life complain about having long hair.

    She had problems growing up becsuse her hair made her think and act like she was all that.

    Im from Boston. When Ms. Ali went to Harvard she would be approached by the local young brothers at parties, hang out. She earned a nasty reputation for being arrogant and snooty. She told one brother he didnt have enough money to talk to her. Please…

    The drama dosent start just because of someones difference. Only when people start trying to put people down or you act like you are better than people.

    I know lots of fine Black women. Long short and medium hair. Down to Earth. Sistas. Make Ms. Ali look like shit. All she got is hair because she aint all that cute and has a flat butt. See ya.

  3. When will Black folks get over this light and dark complexion thing-and the good versus nappy hair thing? Who cares?

    So much more important issues in our community to be focusing on!!!!!

  4. Some blacks would pull on your hair if you long hair. The good hair comment is stupid as well. Good hair is any hair that does not come out in a comb. Nowadays, if you can not grow it, sew it or pin it on even people with long hair wear weaves and pony tails now. But I get what ALi is saying. I have often some blacks can be the biggest racist towards their own race.

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