Fantasia’s got a new man. Yes, we know that. But has she already jumped the broom with her boo Kendall Taylor?

From the looks of it, that may be the case. Prior to being inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame, Fannie posted a pic of her and Taylor. Nothing extraordinary about that. The only thing is… both of them are wearing rings. Fantasia’s caption with the pic reads like this:

This Man…. Lord!!!! My Mr and I’m Mrs [heart emoji]. . Daddy He Is… What A Night is all I can say.. Ending it with you Baby Makes it All Better [kissing emoji]

The new picture and caption come after Fantasia introduced Taylor to everyone via an Instagram message saying he’s the man of her dreams. Rumors soon popped up that the happy couple eloped two weeks after meeting each other and were already living under the same roof as husband and wife for three months.

Further evidence of Taylor and Fantasia’s assumed marital status comes from a selfie of Taylor the singer posted last month that has him with a ring as well as Fantasia herself wearing a ring on her wedding finger and proclaiming to be Kendall’s “Mrs.”

As for her Hall of Fame induction, Fantasia simply thanked her fans for their support while sharing her joy in receiving the honor, in addition to posting a solo picture of herself.

“Tonight Is My Night [rose emoji] Fantasia is Being Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Thanking My Lord Jesus Christ, All my Rock Soul Supporters and those who have been thru the ups and downs the Good and the Bad the Happy and Lord Have Mercy the Sad…,” she wrote.

“Thank God for it All Cause I’m Wiser, Stronger and Better then I’ve Ever Been Before.. Guess what Tho [smiley face emoji] We Just Getting Started… Rock Soul”

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(Photo Source: Instagram)

8 thoughts on “Is Fantasia Already Hitched to Her New Man Kendall Taylor?

  1. Does anyone find it strange that he so fine God fesring and the best thing walking they say but he was single… Maybe it’s just me … Hope it works out I love me some fantasia

    • torpeytucky on said:

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  2. Kris Neal on said:

    So she still chasing behind men huh? She is too talented and as too much potential to have all the man drama sidetracking her. She got pregnant young, had an experience that changed her life (IDOL) and what does she do? She runs behind a married man, loses one of her homes, attempts suicide, got pregnant for the married man then get sued by his wife, and now she has supposedly married “the man of her dreams” two weeks after meeing him. Come on Fanny…you gotta do better my love! I never understand why women be so hard up for a man..dont matter what kind of man…just a man. Anything to say they are somebody’s “Mrs.”

    • @Kris: Negative…Negative…Negative! Why are you bring up old dirt that we already know about? Perhaps she’s (slowly) learning from her mistakes. I wish her well. Go Tasia. Live your life!!

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