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Jon Stewart and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly got into a shouting match on the “Daily Show” last night over the topic of white privilege.

Guess which one believes it no longer exists?

“If there’s white privilege, there has to be Asian privilege, because Asians make more money than whites,” O’Reilly tried to argue.

Stewart countered by using O’Reilly himself as an example, saying that while the Fox pundit grew up under modest circumstances, he benefited by living in Levittown, New York, where G.I.’s were able to get homes at affordable prices. At the time, African-Americans were not allowed to live in O’Reilly’s neighborhood, and Stewart said O’Reilly received a stable upbringing in a place that instilled values — while the children of African-American G.I.’s were not given that same opportunity.

“That was in 1950! Alright? 1950!” O’Reilly shouted, saying it was “unfair” African-Americans were barred from the neighborhood, but adding there were plenty of black neighborhoods that built values.

O’Reilly said he was going to repeat something he’d already stated — and do so slow enough that even Stewart would understand.

“America is now a place where if you work hard, get educated and are an honest person, you can succeed,” O’Reilly said.

Stewart got loud, saying: “If you live in a neighborhood where poverty is endemic, it’s harder to work hard. It’s harder to get an education.”

Stewart closed by making a “The O’Reilly Factor” reference.

“I’ll call it this, and I think it’s a word you’ll understand. It’s a factor,’” Stewart said of the role race plays in one’s opportunities.

O’Reilly conceded with a smile, saying “It’s a factor. I’ll give you that.”

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