Rick Ross has big plans for his new mega mansion — formerly Evander Holyfield‘s home.

There was much speculation as to why Ross was bought the big house. Well, Ross might not only need a bigger space, but he has a big heart.

The space with be used for his charity, In a Big Way charity.

“I rode by that property for years and I used to just look at it,” Ross said in an interview. “If you’re a person like me that’s inspired by certain things and I just felt like me acquiring that property and me really speaking to some kids and giving them that same passion and them looking in my eyes and me telling them, ‘Yo, this is real.’”

Holyfield sold his old crib in a public auction. Reportedly the house costs $1 million annually to maintain, but it’s the biggest house in Georgia.

Ross continued, “that’s a huge crib. I went on it last week. I asked [the realtor] to walk me through it before I made the purchase and I found ten new bedrooms I didn’t even know was there, there’s an inside basketball court, pools, et cetera, et cetera. But I feel there’s somebody that needs to see that.”

Some believed Ross buying Holyfield’s home could have been a direct jab at 50 Cent who bought Mike Tyson old mansion.

But the rapper wanted to inspire the kids of his charity.

“It’s somebody that needs that inspiration. We’re going to open up them doors to these kids from New Orleans, from Atlanta, from Miami and just open their minds a little bit.”

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(Photo Source: AP)

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