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Protesters in St. Louis took a moment to artfully honor Michael Brown’s memory during an evening at the symphony.

When someone mentions the phrase “Ferguson protestors,” images of rioting in the streets or people marching in peaceful protest come to mind. Last night, however, some of Michael’s supporters brought the issue of his shooting death to Powell Symphony Hall as the interrupted a performance by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

According to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch the protestors, who were scattered throughout the concert hall, stood up for their cause at the end of intermission as two people stood in the center aisle to start singing a civil rights song titled, “Which Side Are You On.” Fittingly, the brief interruption went on just before the orchestra and choir launched into a performance of “Requiem.”

As the first pair began to sing, more of their fellow protestors throughout the hall joined in on the tune. Some of them in the balcony unveiled three banners that they hung up, including one that noted Michael’s dates of birth and death. The five-minute demonstration was met with applause from the audience and members of the orchestra alike before protestors peacefully exited the hall, saying “Black lives matter.” They also scattered little paper hearts reading “Requiem for Mike Brown” on the main floor as they left.

The St. Louis Symphony carried on with their performance once the protesters, who were all paying customers, were out of the theater.

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